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Self-explanatory, this chat is just so I can spit absolute rubbish and come back to reference it later.

( also this thread might be helpful with random information you didn't know you needed)

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Noun- person, place, thing (dog, girl)

Verb- Action (run, swim}

Adjective- describing words (sweet, scary)

Adverb- Describes verbs (Fast, loud)

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  • Taiga
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Forests
  • Chaparral
  • Tundra
  • Grasslands
  • Coral Reefs
  • Deserts
  • Savanna
  • Fresh Water Lake
  • Estuary
  • Ocean

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Black market organ harvest

Name: Malcom Adams

Nickname: Ibis, Mal

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Malcom is short, about 5'4", and looks a lot younger than he is. His hair is black and parted in the middle, with the sides shave. He's skinny, having a distastes for most foods. his eyes are large and innocent, but can create a cold atmosphere in certain situations. He has a burn scar across his collarbone that he got stick is nose into the kitchen ladies business. He walks around in a large beige winter coat, a long sleeved miffy shirt underneather. he sports simple black ripped jeans and a pair of $2 snekers from Kmart.

Personality: He has high fuctioning Autism and is incrediably intelligent, however unbearible blunt about it. He will let you know if you're doing something wrong straight up, and will express no mercy about it. He doesn't quite understand certain social ques but can hold an intelligent conversation with people. He's not a bit shy and really doesn't show any signs of panic what so ever. He's very level headed and aproaches things with a clear, logical mind set. He loves medicine and knows every tiny part of the human body, which also makes him an amazing medic. However, he's quick to trust, is prone to making stupid mistakes, and sestives to sounds.


(I'm sorry but Daishou Suguru is a literal god please don't stop thinking about him. Also also, I'd love to go like in that motherfucking town :))

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An 18-year-old autistic Malcolm Adams is snatched of the street while at an outing with his "house" thing. He wakes up in a dark room, naked and bonded like a roast pig. He tilts his head but to see a man in an all-white hazmat suit cover in blood and pulling out what looks like intestines from a man lying on a table. Calmly, he informs the man is doing it wrong, and tells him to untie him and give him the knife. Turns out, Malcom is a hugh anatomy nerd and has every part of the human body memorised, and he knows exactly where to cut and how to removes organs undamaged. Oblivious, he helps a serial killer harvest organ that he sells on the black market. He uses Malcom to lure dranged pedophiles to his house so he can kill them and sell them. Malcom is fine with this, till he discovers that the organs aren't going to transplant labs, but to random people on the dark web to eat. He becomes enraged and attepts to kill the man, but fails, and ends up injured and unable to care for himself. With international news reporting him missing and detectives scrubbing down every inch of the house, he need to decide wether to out himself and go back to the "home", or stay quiet and continue living his life as someone useful.


(I'm so fucking sorry, I was going to walk away and close this tab I swear. But HOLY CRAP IS MALCOM GOOD RN?!?! That boy needs a whole THERAPIST or maybe I can just be his No. 1 fan because thats a badass character right there that I can get behind. Wow dude. Please write a book for him. Ok, I'll be quiet now haha.)

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(He's the goodest boy and he will prevail no matter what 😤 I might make this one a book, I think it'll work better than my other stories)

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✨How im gonna ace that neapen interview.✨
  • CONFIDENCES!!!! IS!!!!! KEY!!!!!

  • Walk in this bitch like you OWN it!!
  • You do you do.
  • Wear that skirt and a button up. Look for a tie or something, that bow tie looks kinda goofy🥴
  • Hair in a bun, look professional!!
  • Only 20 people will get this course, so walk in and assert your dominatace immediatly.
  • This is what haikyuu trained you for!!
  • Survey the competition, know your enemies and potential ally.
  • BRING THE FIRST AID CERTIFICATE!! Looks good to the doctor people
  • Come in with the P53 gene book, show them you're not here to mess around.
  • Think about what is at stake, you don't wanna do that age care course (ew)
  • Answer confidently, stutter as little as possible,
  • Remember, this is your playground, you know the ins and outs and how to do it.
  • Control leg bounce, that shows you are anxious
  • Questions they'll probably ask you-
    • How are you?
    • Why did you apply for this course?
    • What do you hope to get out of this course?
    • Any prior medical training?
    • why did you pick this course in particular?
    • Why should we choose you?
    • What do you plan to do after this course?
    • How are your people skills?

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Slowly weasling my way back into this website.
(I failed the interview btw)

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Anyway Eastsides ending

Memphis is shot in the head by a rival gang, who flee when they hear approaching sirens. Jay falls to the ground, Jack is sick on the floor. Shane, Colton and Eric rush forward to tend to him. Craig the boys back and tries to keep them away, but Markus pushes him and stumbles to Memphis, who is being held by Colton. He trembles and shakes his shoulder, calling out his name hoarsely, shoving his shoulder a little. He becomes more frantic till Eric pulls him away, yelling "Stop- you're hurting him!", in denial of his death. Colton says they have to leave and stand up, aware of the sirens getting louder. Shane protests that they can't leave him, before being dragged away by a frantic Eric.

Cut to a dripping sink, then to Colton and Shane on opposite ends of the lounge. Shane rests his head against the arm of the lounge, his glasses discarded, while Colton sits with the heel of his hand against is forehead, a cigarette hanging loosely from his fingers. His other hand is locked in Markus' hair, who is lying on his lap, sobbing, hugging a stained pillow with one of Memphis' shirts over it. Jay sits under a tree, slowly holding a lighter to an Autumn leaf and watching it burn, Eric visable in the background, smashing an old tv with a bat. Dennis and Jack are sleeping in Memphis room, holding each other. Craig isn't seen.

Colton comments on how his throat hurts, voice dry and strangled, tear stains glued to his cheeks. Shane stares off into the distance and ignores him, or maybe he just doesn't hear him.

Some other stuff happens here I think

Markus is sat on Memphis' bed, holding the dagger he gave him. Shane enters and watches from the door way, before entering and cautiously calling out his name. Markus looks up at him and then back at the knife. Shane approaches slowly and hastily snatches the knife from Markus, afraid of what he will do with it

They have a chat and stuff, brief scene of Colton hanging over the bathroom sink, tap running aimlessly. Craig enters and asks him if he's hungry. Cton laughs and looks at him in the mirror, both their eyes red and inflamed. He shakes his head, not answering.

Next is Shane and Memphis standing in a clearing, an old mattress lying before them. Shane give him a nod, and Markus pulls the knife from his pocket and kneels on the mattress. He stabs the mattress once with both hands, before pulling back and doing it several more times with his right hand, his left clutching at wh ast little material there was. Eventually, the stabs become sloppy and weak. With one last shaking plunge, he collapses onto the mattress, screaming and sobbing. Shane watches blank faced, completely empty.

After all that Markus is the first to leave. Miles shows up, idk maybe Markus was talking to him or something, and they're taken into his custody, where Jack goes into foster care and Markus ends up in "The Fosters". Next leaves Jay and Craig, seen leaving with Craig's daughter and Craig's daughters aunt. Then Shane and Colton, who return to their studies and dorm. Lastly Eric and Dennis, who leave to find somewhere new to camp out, to burdened by the memories to stay.