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No real plot. Just come here, drop in a character or two, and let the chaos happen.

  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s Rules.

  • Please, at least one response a day. Don't kill this, it's just a little child.

  • Keep it PG at least. A lot of us are minors, so remember not to be too flirty or anything. (Meaning: No smut. I will end you. Don't test me on this, since I love all of the people here. I don't want to be mean.)

  • Cursing is allowed, but if any slurs are used I will kick you. No tolerance. You get this one chance, and have been warned.

  • Asshole characters are fine. Asshole writers are not. (Falls partly in line with the no slurs as well: you can have an asshole, but the instant I see a slur I will end you.)

  • 1-2 characters. I'm not sure how many people want to join, so keep the number of characters to that.

  • There is a soft limit on people who can join, but it's open to debate. If you can give me a reason after I say this is closed why you should be able to join, such as a way to introduce a new flavor to any plot that may happen (and not just a general, "I can make it interesting," give me an actual way that you could make it interesting), I will allow you to join.

  • OCs and already existing characters from shows/games/etc. are both welcome. (Specify if from a particular fandom, however.)

  • At least 2 sentences. Don't kill this by always giving us one word or one line, it ruins the fun.

  • Please, please use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

  • Provide at least a short character sheet. Give me their name, age, race, nicknames, appearance and a short personality at the very least. Don't link a full Notebook page, I don't the the patience or energy for that.

  • Some amount of assumption can be made regarding environment, but only if it's to try and progress. Small details are okay at least. However, this is a liminal space. So mostly free reign regarding contents of the place you enter in.

  • If I don't know your style, I will ask for a sample. I don't want to be mean, but there are certain styles I don't work well with. Nothing against you if I say no, you may just be better suited for another chat.

  • At least notify me if you want to join. This is in conjunction with the last rule. If I already know your style, and you're someone whom I've roleplayed with before, I will generally say yes to joining. I just want this place to be drama free and friendly.

And that's about it. Sorry for a wall of text. Let's get into it.

The setting is a pretty bare-bones house that seems to stretch on forever, some corridors looping back on themselves, others leading to doors with no exit behind them, and still others that open up to an empty void. Windows, wherever they show up, are inconsistent in their showing of surroundings. One window could show a beautiful blue ocean, while the very next window in that same hall could just show another corridor - though when that window is looked through in the other corridor, it seems to show a bright, breezy field. The rooms you each "spawn" in seem to share the same basic traits, though: a table with a chair, a bed, and a bathroom. The individual contents of the rooms are up to writer imagination, though.

Basic Sheet

Fandom (If applicable):
Sexuality (Specify if you're okay with the character being involved in any flirting or romance as well):
Basic Personality:
Basic Physical Description:

(My sheet will look way longer than this, but you don't have to follow my lead.)

@the-void-galactic language

(Hyperfixation go brrrr- lemme know if I should change anything)
(Warning for referenced s/h and scars—)

Basic Info

Name: Artemis
Nicknames (if any): Heart, Juno, Artie
Age: 17
Gender and pronouns: genderfluid, mainly they/he
Fandom: Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium (song album), but it’s not exactly accurate bc this is the version from my AU


Skin tone: pale
Height: 5’3
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye color: empty eye sockets? An odd, oil-like fluid seems to permanently drip from the eye sockets, becoming more abundant when Artemis is in emotional distress.
Hair color: purplish-black (think like Marinette from MLB, but purple instead of blue)
Hair style: frizzy curls that’s reach a bit past their shoulders.
Scars: scars littered across their face, shoulders, and arms from Juno clawing at themselves. when asked about them, they usually try to change the subject.
Other blemishes: freckles!! lots of them actually. Also, their lips seem to be permanently stained purple.
Body type: very scrawny, likely from poor self-care. It’s hard to tell anything apart from that, due to Artemis’s somewhat hunched-over posture and baggy clothing.
Usual outfit: Artemis normally wears a baggy, oversized light purple hoodie, with a brighter Purple heart stitched onto it, near their actual heart; similarly baggy, light gray sweatpants, simple black boots, and black fingerless gloves. They also wear a black blindfold over their eyes, mostly to block out the light, since they somehow retained their light perception from whatever removed their eyeballs.
Other: They somewhat resemble a fallen angel, with a pair of white feathered wings (that are in desperate need of grooming), and two halos over their head; one thicker and pure black, dripping with the same fluid from their eye sockets, and the other a silvery halo with the phases of the moon hanging from it, like charms. They also usually have their nails painted black.


Basic personality: Damn it I can’t take the description from their character page because it’s mean to to be in conjunction with their siblings… um. Artemis is usually quiet, polite, and reserved, not wanting to cause any conflict (Or maybe scared of conflict?). It’s clear they are a bit uncomfortable with talking to people, though. However, they can be incredibly emotionally volatile, prone to spiraling or lashing out over seemingly small things. They’re very bitter about… something, and they don’t like to be reminded of whatever it is, which usually happens if someone comments on their eyes (or lack thereof), or their scars. They’re also a bit touch starved, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by how they flinch so much at random touches (really, though, they’re all random, since they can’t see them coming).
Sexuality: pansexual
Shipping: sure thing, this friend needs some love. <3
Background: maybe you’ll eventually pry it out of them. not now, though.
Physical conditions: blindness, sensory issues
Mental conditions: depression, anxiety
Other: Technically, they have stimming habits (and a few involuntary habits), but I’m not very consistent with writing them, so bear with me please. Also, associate them very much with Melanie Martinez’s music, mainly her albums Cry Baby and PORTALS. This is just my personal interpretation of the character, though.

Here’s a picture I drew of them:

Edit: they also have a playlist 💃

@im-with-stoopid pets

(finealright ive been meaning to try hartie out in an rp anyways)

Name: Hartka Cairnbeck
Nickname: Hartie, Arc, Cair
Age: 19
Race: Sharpstone Straystone
Gender: Female
Fandom (If applicable): N/A - OC from my own Everchill Shenanigans

Sexuality: (Specify if you're okay with the character being involved in any flirting or romance as well.): Straight. She's alright with flirting, though she flusters easily and generally rejects affection.
Shipping?: Not unless you're shooting for a slow-burn because Hartka keeps a stone wall around herself relationship-wise.

Background: Hartka came from wealth, though she had no real interest in any of it. She much preferred to stray into the woods, where the hunting profession gripped her interests. Her attentiveness proved to be a valuable asset, and she became a skilled huntress, much to the distress of her parents.
Some old colleagues rumor that Hartka has some history as a mercenary, though she chooses not to confirm or deny anything.

Basic Personality: Hartka might not sleep with one eye open, but that's because she doesn't sleep at all. She always seems to be on edge. It isn't openly hostile, but it certainly isn't inviting. In truth, she keeps tabs on near everything around her, especially facial expressions. As a hunter, Hartie has a talent for sensing danger. The downside is that she struggles to settle down and relax. She has a great work ethic, a product of her ever-vigilance, but she tends to burn herself out.
Hartka is a bit judgmental, and when confronted, she comes across as snarky and melodramatic. Very rarely does she take the time to open up, and she can only manage a small group of friends. Admittedly, it's lonely, but her paranoia of betrayal usually overrides those feelings.
Surprisingly, Hartka herself is quite expressive. Her emotions come in extremes; she's rarely ever indifferent on anything.

Basic Physical Description: Hartka stands at around 5'9", and her build is lean and muscular. Her blonde hair stops in a messy ruffle just above her shoulders. She tends to wear light, practical clothes with various pockets, visible and hidden. When she isn't hunting, she wears fluffy cuffs around her wrists and a plush scarf. Hartka comes from (relative) luxury, though she doesn't show it much outside of her moonstone stud earrings and the agate knife tucked away in her toolbelt.

(don't have a face claim or song or anything, as she's one of my more recent characters, but here she is)

@maglo-the-stressed-person language

(One day, Olate was casting a spell to create his trademark tea, when Isa asked, "Can you teach me magic Olate?" Olate turned to Isa tea in hand. "Why would you need that?" Isa rocked on his knees consciously, and quietly answered. "Well… I need to return to outside eventually. But I know I'll still be hunted. So I thought, maybe if I had magic, I could better survive." Olate nodded. "well, I can not teach you, but we could form a pact. A deal. Simply remain kin to me and your friends. And I will grant you the power to live safe." "I can agree to that.")

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(No, sorry, I didn’t ask earlier. I was just poking the chat to see is y’all were still taking members. Anyways I’ll it’s a little late here right now but I’ll have a sample as soon as I can :)

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(I sigh and open my text book of draconic history to a random page, “okay okay, i get the message. So teach, whater’ we doing today?” her eyes brighten and she drops a 2 cm thick stack of paper in front of me, “no text books today, my dear. We’re doing .5 evaluation today. Which, as you know, means tests on; magic identification, sigil work, potions and magical ingredients, practical precision and last but not least, maths.”)
(A cocky grin spreads across my face and i lean back n my chair, “so it’s a rest day today, huh?”)
((i hope this is fine))

@Null-Gravity language

(Nothing against you, @IcarusAdpotsGayFrogs, your writing is good. But in a lot of areas your capitalisation is not great, and I found the dialogue a bit difficult to follow since there's no real distinguishing marks when the character who is speaking changes. So I'm going to have to say no. Thank you for being patient and waiting.)
(Also, my apologies to everyone. I know I said I would have my sheets up Monday, but I woke up with horrible cramps and nearly didn't make it to my bathroom in time to not have to clean up both blood and vomit. However, I'm feeling much better - relatively speaking - and should have something up tomorrow.)

@maglo-the-stressed-person language

Name: Magolor
Nickname: Maggie(If you want to annoy him)
Age: 19, young adult
Race: Unknown
Fandom (If applicable): Kirby
Sexuality (Specify if you're okay with the character being involved in any flirting or romance as well): Pan, yes is fine
Basic Personality: Intelligent, and is both easily annoyed, and enjoys pushing others buttons. Essentially will mess around, but can't handle it back. Very protective of his things, and prefers to be alone.
Basic Physical Description: A tall dark skinned male, in a white and blue cloak. He has messy brown hair, and piercing yellow eyes.
Powers: Can create small portals, fire magic orbs, and his strongest attack, summoning a Ultra Sword replica
Backstory: Kirby's Return to Dreamland Spoilers here

@Null-Gravity language

Basic Info

Name: Janine (juh-NEEN) Montague
Nicknames (Optional): Jane, J
Age: 18
Gender (Biological): Female
Gender Identity: Non-binary
Pronouns: She/they


Skin Tone: Very pale, colorless and pallid, seeming almost drained of blood (Hex Color #FFFCF2)
Height: 7'4 13/16" (Needs to duck a considerable distance to fit into conventional doorways.)
Weight: Despite her large frame, she's very light, only weighing about 186.55 lbs.
Eye Color: Her left eye is a dark reddish brown, and her right is a deep, ashy purple but they glow strangely when in the dark, with a crimson light. (Hex color #7B2910)
Hair Color: Ash grey (#B2BEB5)
Hair Style-

Body Type: Legs and arms very long in proportion to her torso, very slim shouldered and not much meat on her bones. In certain lights you can count most of her ribs, a very weird effect considering she's nowhere near underweight. She also has almost creepily long fingers that have extra joints, so that her thumbs have three joints (the base, the normal second and then an added third, making it just a bit shorter than a normal index finger) and each other finger is stretched to add a fourth joint. Her body is very slim and lithe, and the muscles that are visible beneath her skin are like rubber bands pulled taut, ready to snap and send her flying at any moment. As for her facial structure, it's very slim and sharp, all angles and planes, almost wild and feral in appearance, her eyes sunken slightly into their sockets. And though she's born human, her teeth are more akin to a mix between a tiger's and a wolf's: sharp, designed for ripping and tearing rather than grinding and chewing like normal human teeth.
Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.): She has a ring of puncture scars on her neck where the base of her skull is, though you can only see it when the wind is strong enough to blow all her hair away from that area to reveal he undercut as well as said scars.
Usual Outfit: A very oversized black hoodie with a large hood, a black beanie, baggy grey sweatpants and a pair of beat up classic Vans.


Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description): Despite all appearances, Jane is a very outgoing and carefree spirit, though she, of course, isn't without her flaws. However, rather than letting her flaws be who she is, she chooses to simply act in a way that makes her feel good. Though all this doesn't mean she has a particularly good moral compass. In the end, she only really looks out for herself. If something doesn't interest her, she won't take part or anything like that. After all, when you're treated like a freak, you tend to start being a little. . . freak-y. But she cares strongly for her friends, and one thing she doesn't like is when someone she cares about is being treated in a shitty manner.
Sexuality: Bi. . . herself.
Fears: Nothing, really. After all, peering into the void is just about the worst it gets. (Or so she says. Deep down inside she's terrified of being forgotten or left behind, but she'll never admit that to anybody, least of all herself.)
Hopes: To be able to eat good food and live life the way she wants.
Motivations/Goals: Motivations? Goals? Who cares? She has a long time, she doesn't need to worry about that yet.
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping and playing video games, and tinkering with electronics.
Talents: Electronics and gaming. Eating large amounts of food.
Physical Conditions: It always seems like no matter how much she eats, she never gains weight. . .
Mental Conditions: Sometimes, when she's around normal humans, an uncomfortable urge to do. . . something. . . sweeps over her.
Backstory (optional): Will reveal given time. Just know she's very troubled.
Other: On top of the other physical differences she has, it seems any injury she gets heals extremely fast. Almost as though she can't be injured, at least for long. . .

Basic Info

Name (As a demon/angel): Arezias
Name (As a human): Ada Walker
Nicknames (Optional): N/A (Feel free to come up with any for the bastard, however.)
Age: 17
Gender (Biological): Female
Gender Identity: Agender
Pronouns: They/them
Universe: Gold Tears (My universe)


Skin Tone: (Hex Color #edd4bb) with (Hex Color #f7e5e1) splotches across their head and body
Height: 4 ft. 3 in. /// 129.54 cm. (4 ft. 9 in. with boots)
Weight: 99.23 lbs. /// 45.009971 kg
Eye Color: Left Eye (Hex Color #00de1a) Right Eye (Hex Color #ff4fbe)
Hair Color: Same color scheme as eyes
Hair Style-

Body Type: Skinny w/ long legs (for someone who stands at about the height of a medium sized dog, at least), slim shoulders and long, dexterous fingers that are skilled at both making music and causing extreme amounts of chaos.
Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.): They are one giant identifying mark. They usually have a shit eating grin on their face, because, y'know. . . what's the point of life if you don't have fun?
Usual Outfit: Sleeveless (the sleeves were burned off a long while ago) black tee with a print of Slipknot's logo; baggy black pants studded with metal with 5 pounds of chains hanging from the belt loops; 6 inch black platform boots, colored with rainbows on the toes (with enough metal spikes on the toes to make a baseball bat jealous); black fingerless gloves; black beanie with a rose design.


Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description): In a word? friend. Gives no shits about societal norms, they talk and think the way the want to, consequences be damned. Verbal filter? Never heard of it. They say everything that's on their mind, for better or worse. . . usually for worse. They wear their heart on their sleeve (so to speak) and never look back with regret. They find interest in all things, tiny or big, from an ant to a rock to fantastic creatures like manticores or dragons. They can't sit still for the life of them. (Warning: introducing this one to caffeine is a bad idea. They've already found the wonders of sugary treats and the entire world regrets it.) Oh, and did we forget to mention they have no sense of direction? They also can't read very well. They love food, no matter what culture it's from or whatever unique flavors it may have. Has a unique penchant for talking really fast as well.
Sexuality: They're pretty sure sexuality was a cool bug they found last week. Or maybe it was the shiny rock?
Fears: The dark, closed off/tight spaces (which is ironic since they also love tight/closed off spaces because they allow for enhanced chaos), getting lost.
Hopes: Finding a new family
Motivations/Goals: Chaos.
Hobbies: Causing chaos, collecting things (including not very shiny things. Bones, concrete shards that have cool shapes, this weird little twig that looks kinda like a question mark. . .), finding cursed food combinations, sleeping
Talents: Starting fires, starting fights, causing chaos, eating (you'd be surprised just how much money this one will force you to spend to satiate their unending appetite. . . we don't talk about the Boar Incident of '21. Some things are never meant to be remembered. . .), sleeping (Olympic napper right here. Has been known to sleep through earthquakes and the occasional tornado)
Physical Conditions: N/A
Mental Conditions: ADHD, CPTSD, British
Backstory (optional): (Not quite yet.)