forum a group chat for fandom characters (open for everyone)
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yeah i'm on my bullshit again
no matter, here's a group chat for fandom characters cuz hey why tf not right


  • be nice ooc
  • no nsfw crap
  • swearing is fine but make it tolerable for the younguns out here
  • you don't have to ask to join, just get a character or two ready and hop on whenever you like!
  • follow andrew's rules, basically

there's no plot for this
so no don't ask

have fun ya'll

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golden__requiem is typing….

golden__requiem: What- What is this?

volarie_via! is typing….

volarie_via!: dude how do you not know what a group chat is-

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Amber joins the chat

Amber: What the heck is this?!?!
Jax joins the chat
Jax: Ugh Amber. Even though you are alpha doesn't mean you don't need to know everything! Sorry everyone, she can be a pain in the butt sometimes