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so it's not a book I know, but you do have to read. I read a lot of webtoon. Here you can share webtoons you love, geek out, and if you might want to make a webtoon in the future, you can talk about that too.



'Castle Swimmer'!! A new episode came out today and I didn't notice (its about gay mermen, if that doesn't make you want to read it, I don't know what will)

'Acception'!! A super fun story with a colorful and diverse cast (and many lgbt+ characters as well)

'Nothing Special'!! Amazing nerdy story that's super jokey and fun and it's great to watch the art style develop as it goes along (lgbt inclusive too)

'The Little Trashmaid'!! It's funny and goofy but it also raises awareness for how much trash is in the ocean (also lgbt characters (why are all of there gay?))

'Axed'!! Kind of a work place comedy, it doesn't make sense and it's full of crazy characters. Its super funny, they all are

@saor_illust pets

List of Webtoons I'm Currently Reading Or Have Read

  • The Fever King Victoria Lee / SaraDeek
  • I Love Yoo Quimchee
  • Seed Said P.
  • Cat Loaf Adventures kyutepastry
  • IF Keon Tan
  • Eggnoid Archie the Red Cat
  • Let's Play Mongie
  • Freaking Romance Snailords
  • Mage & Demon Queen Color_LES
  • Siren's Lament instantmiso
  • Ghost Wife Saejung
  • Space Boy Stephen McCranie
  • CARL Hussein Traboulsi / HusseinT
  • Your Letter Hyeon A Cho
  • April Flowers ccustard
  • Nightmare Factory Snailords
  • Always Human walkingnorth
  • Cabbit Eko/Phi
  • Snailogy Snailords
  • The Art of Being An Artist Stephen McCranie

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A list of what I'm reading right now (all I can remember)
-age matters
-I'm the grim reaper
-I love yoo
-sirens lament
-freaking romance
-true beauty
(and a lot more)


I'm really liking these:

  • Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe
  • City of Blank by 66
  • Not Even Bones by R SCHAEFFER / Alai Cinereo
  • Eleceed by Jeho Son / ZHENA
  • Play Dead by Emy M.
  • The Witch and The Bull by Moonsia
  • The Red King by Heylenne
  • Uriah by Toffuo
  • Countdown to Countdown by Velinxi
  • Days of Hana by Seokwoo (Finished)
  • Refund High School by LICO (Finished!)
  • Super Secret by eon (Finished)

Most of these are either new or not quite as popular as some of the other webtoons (although I have no clue why—and excluding Lore Olympus and Refund High School, obviously). My absolute favorite of these at the moment are Not Even Bones, Eleceed, The Red King and Uriah. All of them have phenomenal art and plot, and I would recommend these without hesitation to anyone.

Of course, I'm also huge fans of those mentioned by others. Especially Lumine, Castle Swimmer, I'm The Grim Reaper, and Dice.


Here are the ones I'm reading

  • Yeah, Sure
  • Dylan and Angeline
  • Humor Me
  • Green and Gold
  • True Beauty
  • The Four of Them

There are more but I can't remember also do any of you use tapas?

@Katastrophic group

ya'll mentioned my favorites so far but I also recommend

  • Rise from ashes (really cool fantasy ghost with a few "oh ^$%&" moments)
  • Wintermoon (fantasy videogame world with really good characters and deep story. also some good humor)
  • Purple Hyacinth (murderer teams up with police officer to flirt take down a criminal empire, lots of secrets)

Also unordinary hasn't been said yet?! holy smokes that one is getting really intense so

  • Unordinary (a world where everyone has powers and use them in a abusive hierarchy, the main character has no powers and tries to get through highschool. Also, vigilantes and villains and conspiracies)

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Agh I forgot True Beauty! How could I?? T-T

:O true beauty it the best

@sock group

Do yall know any webtoons that have modern-day realistic plots?

Here's some that I read!

  • Waffles and Pancakes by DT Saranya (Small warning: there's some language and dirty jokes)
  • No Scope by ZOYANG
  • Choco Latte by Ann
  • Yumi's Cells by Donggeon Lee
  • Nice to Meet You by Wishroomness
  • Your Smile is a Trap by AENGO
  • Gourmet Hound by Leehama
  • Kind of Love by Various Artists
  • Lost in Translation by Jjolee

I hope you enjoy :)