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Noun; Fan-Dom
A place once you enter you cannot exit.
Welcome to a place that will give you Feels I am sorry to say.

1, Respect all of the Fandoms.
2, No bullying. (No phobic remarks of any kind)
3, Treat everyone the way you want your favorite OTP to be treated.
4, No hatedoms are allowed. If you are in one you have to leave
5, No words you wouldn’t use in front of Jesus, your mom, or your OTP

Here are some tips
1, If you are getting feels, go talk to the feels medication distributor.
2, There are no need for “Normal” clothes. Comfortable clothes are all you need.
3, If your favorite tv show, book, movie is over go read fanfiction.
4,There will be aggressive shippers. Just encourage them and move along quickly.
5,All in all, just treat everyone no matter the Fandom, the way you would want your OTP to be treated.