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Let's face it: we all have f*cked up search histories because we're crime fiction writers. Talk about murder here and you won't be judged, ask for any weird information about dead bodies, just a few conditions: you cannot speak of killing yourself or others irl, and be kind to people. That's all! Have fun, my babies.

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oK! SO my questions for now are:

  • what are the effects of arsenic poisoning
  • best way to slit a throat
  • death from blood loss time from slit throat
  • how fast does chloroform do it's job
  • can you poison a PERSON to death with dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane or DDT

@John-Mulaney-Killed-Princess-Diana group

  1. Arsenic poisoning would be a slow thing, but it can give you certain forms of cancer and can eventually be deadly. The symptoms would be unpleasant before then.
  2. A slit throat with a dagger is likely best, a sword would be sloppier. A straight line near the top is where to do it.
  3. If the cut is large enough, you would not be able to breathe and would bleed out in minutes.
  4. At least five minutes of direct contact would render anyone unconscious.
  5. Yes you can.