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Okay, so I'm trying to find a fantasy trilogy that I vaguely remember reading in 5th grade. It was a rather weird series, but I enjoyed it. I distinctly remember one of the books being mostly green with the cover bordered with a green frame.
So the book featured a group of girls (may or may not be friends, idk) who were transported to a fantasy-like world that was sort of related to Cinderella. They go back and forth from this world and their world. I think they had to find a potato with eyes (?) and ended up talking to a talking potato. There was also a bucket of potato skins involved or something (that bits a bit fuzzy)
One part I remember pretty clearly was when their teacher(?) (who was a guy I think) floated away with an umbrella, asking, "When is a window not a window?" and they figured out that the answer was "when it's a door".
Also, in the intro/prologue it talked about the story being 'not for the faint of heart'
My memory isn't the best, so these descriptions might not be accurate.
All help is appreciated -thank you! :)