forum any shakespeare recommendations or favorites?
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so I'm kinda getting into Shakespeare, I've read Hamlet and Macbeth, I've been in (but haven't read) a midsummer night's dream (Child appropriate version), and watched a few. does anyone have recommendations to read?

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Julius Ceaser, The Tempest, King Lear, As You Like It, and The Merchant of Venice

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I recommend Henry V (I was just in it as Montjoy/all the French messengers and Hostess Quickly), Much Ado About Nothing (my favorite comedy!), A Midsummer Night's Dream (I was in it as Oberon), Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus (if you can handle a lot of gore, not for the faint of heart), and Cymbeline.
Those are just the ones I've read, I've heard great things about Twelfth Night/What You Will, King Lear, The Tempest, As You Like It, Love's Labours Lost, and Henry IV

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I must suggest Twelfth Night. It is my favourite Shakespeare play, and it is HILARIOUS. Otherwise, basically everything everyone else has already recommended. Hope you enjoy everything! :)

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Kyle Kallgren on YouTube does "Summer of Shakespeare" reviews of different adaptations of it—Kurosawa's Macbeth, Taymor's Titus Andronicus, etc.

I liked The Merchant of Venice because it had a cross-dressing courtroom drama and fairy tale elements…but, it's also anti-Semitic in the text even though Patrick Stewart can act and be directed in a way that Shylock as a character defies the intent of how those lines were written in the play originally, and there's something to be said for the "prick us, do we not bleed" speech becoming a plea to recognize humanity out of the context of like 'actually this is his Disney Baddie Song, but without the Disney and without the song'.