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elite alien scavenger

this a role-play were 75% of the world has been infected by a virus called zombitis the last remaining humans have hidden in city's surrounded by large metal fences but some people were aggravated losing there family and friends to or becoming zombies so they became a large group called Z hunters but little do they know that a secret research facility is building genetic modified zombie solders by a half man half zombie called frank stein let me know if you want to join (also you can help me with story with some advice if you want to i'm open for new ideas always)

character sheet
race: (half zombie,human,super zombie only 1 person can be this)
abilities(half zombie and super zombie)/skills(human): don't make it a manipulation unless you have a limited zombie command which alpha zombies have but only 2 people can have this also a human could have this but explain how he/she is able to, mostly do enhancements

elite alien scavenger

name: alex rock
sexuality: bisexual
race: half zombie
past: had a nice life with his mother and father and baby sister until the virus spread when he was 10 infecting his mother she was mindless like a animal about to kill him but his father was holding her back his father told him to get his sister and run so he got his baby sister held her in his arms when he was about to leave he saw his father with a gun but he listened to his father and ran only to hear 1 gunshot then another he never saw his mother and father again, he raised his sister the best he could but when he was 14 and she was 2 he was searching a old wrecked house but a large zombie called a brute came in alex got a gun he found on the road but the brute tackled and bit him alex shot the roof missing the zombie causing the roof to collapse on itself alex came out of the ruble to find his 2 year old sister crushed to death something snapped inside of alex that day his eyes went full yellow with him having sharp teeth and claws he saw that the roof broke the brutes back making it unable to move it was growling at alex, alex looked at it with a look of pure hatred grabed it by the neck stabbed its belly 20 times throwing it down on the ground hard and he roared and punched so hard he bashed its head into pure mush
abilities: enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes, regenertive healing factor, fear stare (paralyzes his opponents for 45 sec)
personality: lonely, sad, angry at zombies, but is always protective of those who are in need
appearance: gas mask with a helmet. black finger-less gloves, brown coat, black shirt, black pants, and black boots


fun fact: in the medical world, the suffix -itis means "inflammation of". So this disease basically means "inflammation of the Zomb" :)