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Okay, you get to make your own character. Go ahead. (Don't make the character op, okay?)

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Me too? Yay!

-Name: GloryBird

  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Quirk: Extremely talented Parkour and fighting skills
    -Parents: Flora (Dead Mother) Keith (Left to get milk[Never came back])
    -Known As: The Sweetest Angel
    -Appearance: Japanese color skin, Long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, blue hoodie, blue tight jeans,
    -Personality: very sweet, kind, generous, cute
    -Motivations: kindness
  • Strengths: flowers, kindness
    -Weaknesses: Love
    -Sexuality: bisexual
    -Powers: Can summon poison ivy spike vines, common flowers with a snap, can float
    My Created Oc.


Name: Alexander.
Age: N/A
Pronouns: Goes by He/Him.
Quirk: Can tell the time instantly, and always knows the time and date.
No parents.
Not known.
Appearance: Human in design, except for his head, which is a cuckoo clock.
Personality: Nervous wreck. Jumpy. Yet excitable.
No motives.
Strengths: Time
Weakness: Fire
No sexuality. Made of wood.
Powers: Can increase time speed around him, and the cuckoo in his head is replaced with a third hand.


I walk forward, looking around… What a strange and unusual world…