forum Judgement-free RP (IDEAS WANTED) (OPEN)
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I have no confidence in my writing
At all
It’s one of my biggest insecurities if I’m being honest
…But I also want to try roleplaying, so I figured I’d make a thread for it :D
Just a place where us beans can RP without worrying about what people might think of us-

So yeah.
also if any people with experience are reading this can you please explain how roleplaying works I’m an absolute nub and have no idea what I’m doing

@saor_illust school

Ella!!! I bet your writing is great, even if I've never seen it!
I'm glad you decided to make a thread!
And Rainy and I have experience for sure heck we even are rping together aha so yup!
Before I ask the question that I have rn, I'll give you some quick info:
one on one rp, that phrase refers to where two people are in an rp, but only two people including the original creator of the thread/pm
a group rp is well, an rp where there's more than two people involved
okii now is this going to be an oxo (short for one on one) or a group rp?

@saor_illust school

lol yup
Indeed! Rainy is an excellent rper and probably better than me aha. but i'm not going to get further into this because this is a space for ella to learn how to rp so imma just leave it at that

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Haha that's fine! You can view pinterest, correct?
Either way, Imma just go grab the link to the board, and you can pick any thing you like! if you have something else that isn't on the board, that's totally okay to use too!