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I see a lot of roleplays on this site, but I've got some questions:

  • What are the benefits? Or is it just for fun?
  • What is oxo, 0x0 and the like?
  • I know basic do and don'ts of roleplay, since in some aspects it's similar to do and don'ts in D&D, but is there anything that is really irritating to roleplayers. (For example, I don't really like one word replies to my messages, so maybe that applies here?)
  • Anything else I should know?

If roleplay can help me grow as a writer (especially like, giving each other feedback as we go, like a collaboration), I'd be interested, even if I don't always have time to reply fast. Thank you for reading, please tell to me your answer to any or all of the questions.

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Hey! I can actually answer this.

Roleplaying can help you understand certain aspects of characters and see what you could maybe write a bit better, by having your characters interact with other people's characters.

oxo, OxO, and O/O, all mean One on One, meaning it's a roleplay with one other person. If it isn't a OxO, then it'll be listed as either small group, medium group or large group in any of the roleplaying forums.

Generally, yes, avoid one word responses to roleplays, unless it's the general style of the roleplay. One thing that is a bit of an irritant is doing things in a large group setting, i.e. taking control of a character and not leaving any reaction time.

I can't think of anything else right now off the top of my head that you should know, but I know a couple people who can help if you have any further questions. Just PM @Serpentess or @Nyx_Is_Dating_Jaiden!, our wonderful moderators, if you have any further questions!

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Well I feel like roleplaying has made me a better writer but I also find it as a fun way to make friends or just do it because your bored

And to answer your question about 0x0 that's like how many people will be in the rp like 1x1 for one on one 2 people of 3x5 for a group saying that there are 3 people but 5 are needed

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(not gonna lie, had this page open since before there were other responses, so this may be redundant. sorry about that)

Benefits include the fun, but roleplaying can also help you flesh out a character. What they would and wouldn't do, how they speak, how they use their powers, what kind of people they enjoy being around, etc. It can also sharpen your worldbuilding skills and help you learn how to expand the details of your surroundings.

OxO and the like is shorthand for one-on-one, meaning just 2 people roleplaying with each other, as opposed to a bigger group roleplay.

Different people are irritated by different things. There's no universal 'roleplayers hate this' characteristic. Largely, just don't be a jerk. Your character can be awful, but as long as you as a person are courteous, it should be fine.

And hey, it is mostly for fun after all. If you want to jump in one, very few people will pressure you to stick with it if you need to drop out or if it's just not your thing. Give it a shot, you may find it's your new favorite hobby!