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I’m not perfect and I make mistakes often. But if there’s anyone who needs help with absolutely anything or has questions I’m 100% open to help in any way,shape, or form that I can!


It's kind of like writing. Just in most cases you only have to consider one charater. You don't have control over the other characters and are forced to go with the flow. I believe that its made me a better writer.

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Does a basic plot have to be planned first? Like is it, like actors getting dumped on set with a basic idea and then told to improvise? Or does the person who made the game, set up a setting?


It's the way the Rp owner wants to do it. One of the Rps I had (it finished) started off as I wanted it but ended up going in a totally different direction than initially planned, either times I would have a basic idea but no actual plot