forum Hello There! I’m Willing to Help a Newbie Slip into RPing with an RP!
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I have been roleplaying for seven years— since 2011 when I joined a Pokemon Roleplay page. Ever since then, I’ve been all around the internet, growing into the Roleplayer I am today!

I never really had anyone to hold my hand through all of that, so I unconciously made OP and Mary/Gary Sue/Stue characters

In a Pokemon.

Thankfully I’m past all of that now hahahaha only took my friend promting me to join an Undertale RP.

Anywho I’m willing to guide, Roleplay and have fun with newbies!


Hey so I haven't ever really roleplayed seriously unless you count my roblox era but that doesn't count so do you mind helping me out?


(would love to join this rp if/when it becomes a thing :) count me in, would love to try out a character or two from my novel to get me into the headspace)