forum Hello!!! Small One-on-One RP?
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I'm not new to RP but I am new to this site and I was hoping to get into the swing of it before I get started with other people.

I'm planning on playing my son Leo, since I haven't yet- and I have his sheet in one of my servers. (Boutta make him here though, ahah~)

I'm not entirely sure what I want so I'll let you decide, regardless though I'd prefer for it to be modern.

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Haha, it’s all good! We can start of by exchanging characters and coming up with how we want their relationship to be (friends, lovers, etc), then we can come up with a general plan on how the plot would go. That’s usually how I do it. I just looked over your character, too. He looks great! I don’t have really any characters his age, so I could either make one or have an older character of mine be like a big sibling sort of thing?


Thanks- and that depends on what all you want to do. If you want to make a new character, then you can-

But with the second idea maybe something happens in his family that he's not really prepared for, emotionally, and one of your characters could try and help him through it? (And we can see where that goes, tonally, lmao-)


I love your son as well, by the way! But yes- I think we've got a p good general idea so far-

Now the question is, do they meet each other before (thing) happens/is announced and vaguely acquaint themselves or do they meet directly after?