forum group rp anyone ??? feel free to join !!
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( i'm probably gonna send a starter now , so we don't have to wait cuz i heard that waiting causes chats 2 die and i don't want this chat 2 die so ye !! i'll get a starter up , and if ya'll r usin ocs, can ya link em too ? just to make sure i have a clue wut is happeningz )

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(This character is like, Schrodinger's fandom OC. Got a brief mention in a story and was never ever seen on-screen but I hyperfixated on them so hard I created a reasonable amount of lore and effectively turned them into an OC lol.)

@probablypolnareff language

Name :
Nickname / Nicknames :
Age :
Height :
Weight :
Sexuality :
Zodiac : ( optional !! )
Looks :
Personality :
Backstory : ( optional !! )
Quotes : ( optional as well ! )
Extra : ( just add some notes abt ur character here , this is optional )

@probablypolnareff language

( oh , you don't have to fill it out since ya already sent a thing w/ all the info in it !! now i just need to wait for the others to fill in the template then i'll put in a starter , and then otherz can hop on if they wanna ! )

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Name: The Marquis De All-The-Knives, or, Louis DeCouteau
Age: Semi-Immortal, appears in his 40s
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: About average, with a well-built frame from lots of exercise.
Sexuality: I don't really know. Never thought he'd be the one to really be interested in a relationship.
Looks: Fairly tall, with a short moustache and goatee Guy Fawkes style, pale pink-tinted skin, and lines of age around his eyes. He's also strongly built, and made for agility, able to slip into spots like an eel. He has brown hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Just a teensy bit insane, but likable all the same. Louis is a bit of a bloodthirsty maniac, but only with people who repeatedly test him. His main thing is being very calm and collected until you set him off and he breaks a glass bottle over your head and you have to get stitches.
Backstory: ( optional !! ) One of the original Mechanisms, he was cast out for a defective mechanism that only made him semi-immortal. He didn't belong, simply put. He wandered around for a bit before attempting to get revenge on the Mechanisms and Carmilla but ended up failing horribly, so now Louis is just wandering.
Quotes: ( optional as well ! ) (about Louis) "Ahh, the Marquis De All-The-Knives. Now there was a worthy foe."
Extra: ( just add some notes abt ur character here , this is optional ) His mechanism is the right hand, and it is slightly defective, only keeping him alive some of the time.

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Eh, I got bored so I filled out the template anyways :P

Name: Sheaenna Aloe Garner

Nickname/Nicknames: Shea

Age: 21

Height: 5'9"

Weight: About 160 lbs

Sexuality: Pansexual

Zodiac: Uh her birthday's October 12th whatever zodiac that is XD

Looks: Shea has thick chestnut hair with a reddish hue to it that messily falls around her face. She has light tan skin (if that makes sense?), a small and pointy nose, small lips, pointy chin, and a natural smirk. She has large hands with long fingers and big feet. Her eyes are wide with short, straight, and dark eyelashes and a violet iris. She has a long, jagged, 3/4 inch scar going across the left side of her face. Shea has thin, brown eyebrows that are naturally arched down, making her look irritated or scheming a lot. She has a really faint splash of freckles across her nose and freckles all over her arms and torso. She usually wears ratty high-tops, skinny jeans, and a baggy hoodie with an old t-shirt under it.

Personality: Shea is extraordinarily chaotic and goes by her own rules. She's stubborn, independent, and impulsive. Shea has no speed bump between her brain and her mouth which gets her into a lot of trouble. She's quick on her feet, able to think fast, but she can't lie to save her life. Shea is fun-loving and competitive, never one to back down from a challenge. She hates to lead and follow, she just goes by her own rules. Not the most responsible and reliable person on the planet, but when it comes to it, she gets the job done. Can be really aggressive if she wants to and is kind of nihilistic.

Backstory: Uh, I don't know if it'll be relevant to our RP so if you want to know it, it's on her NB page.

Quotes: "Life's a dull and meaningless void… You gotta fill that void with explosions and lots of vodka."

Extra: She's epileptic, has some minor depression, lots of PTSD and can't move the muscles on the left side of her face.