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Your characters have gathered to place items into a time capsule that will be opened in 100 years.

  1. Your character has to bring something to put into the capsule ; it can be something that they made, or something that is specific to their universe.
  2. Wait for at least two new posts before going again.
  3. Have fun, and be respectful to one another.
  4. Use the following 'formula' for your post.
    • Character A: Places item(s) Note: Minus the 100 years fast forward!
    • Fast-forward 100 years
    • Character B finds what Character A placed (they can even look at any other items that they might have an interest in), and place in their own item(s)

Levi: Places a hand made leather-bound book giving detailed information on monsters and other beings into the capsule. The title reads 'A Hunter's Guide to Hunting: Everything you Need to Know'. The book also tells of how to kill these creatures, listing their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. "I hope that helps any future hunters that might need it."

100 Years Later
William: Locates the book, opens it, and looks to see if there's anything about demons. He smirks and laughs a little bit at the fact that he just looked up his own species in the book. He sets the book back down, and places an intricately made sword into the capsule, complete with a shield and a set of knives and daggers along side it.

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100 Years Later
Hinata glances down at the time capsule. Picking the book up, she flipped through. Nothing she didn't already know. She put it back down and looked at the various weapons. She touches the sword.
"Fine craftsmanship." Hinata gently places the book back down. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out a thumb drive. She kissed it. With that, she placed her first best friend in the capsule. Perhaps someday, someone would be able to fix him.

100 Years Later
Lily stared at the weapons. She brushed her hand on each of them, feeling their forms. Picking up the book, she started to read. She sat there for hours, absorbing the knowledge. Finally, she puts the book down. She picks up the thumb drive. She plugged it into her phone, glad she had brought her old-tech adapter. She scrolled through the files. Intrigued by the coding for this ai, she copied the information to her phone. She unplugged the thumb drive and placed it back in the capsule. She gently placed her favorite stuffed animal from her childhood, a purple rabbit, in the case. Now was the time to let go of the past, and her childhood. There was a war to win.

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100 Years later

Zenith walks up to the time capsule, and peeks inside. He glances at the sword with an approving look, before setting his own magical blade inside. "I'll be back." he whispers.
Then he turns and walks away.

100 Years Later

Jayden carefully opens the time capsule, looking about at the incredible items inside. He picks up and flips through the book, in awe of the incredible facts and stories. He's tempted to take it with him, but with a reluctant sigh, he sets it back down.
Then he carefully sets down his book of research. It contains everything he knows of magic, science, and superheroes.
"Maybe this'll be of use to someone." He hopes. With a new spring in his step from the leather bound book, he strides away from the time capsule.


100 Years Later
Jack was sprinting away from the thing that rampaged behind them. Tripping over what seemed to be a metal capsule. opening it swiftly they found a plethora of items from stuffed toys to weapons of fine craftsmanship. Taking out one of the swords they examined it, the sword rested balanced in their hands. Their thumb brushed what they recognized as an old rune. Before they realized what they were doing they turned those engraved runes into words. Making the once dull sword to glow and with the final rune a loud it lit on fire. It emerged from the forest leaving a trail of broken trees. The got ready taking their bag that never got full in the causal along with an empty gun and a patch showing which link of the army they'd come from. Then ran head first into the beast thats killed almost every human on earth.

@saor_illust school

Max was walking across his university campus for some food, his laptop in hand when he spotted a metal capsule of sorts. Pushing his glasses up his nose once more, he opened it, a USB disk drive catching his eye. He opened up his laptop, crouching down and plugged it in, in awe of the intricate code and very absorbed by how fast the ai was learning. He pulled out one of many USB disk drives from his pocket, ejecting the other and downloading his most recent program that he'd spent many months on onto his disk drive. Ejecting it once more, he placed both disk drives gently into the capsule, closing it once more, and continued on his way.
100 Years Later
Time passed, and eventually the campus got torn down, to be replaced with a parking lot. Amy was walking to her car, excited for the concert she was going to. A glint of light shone out of the corner of her eye, and she turned to see a metal capsule. She bent down to open it, seeing a wide assortment of items, from USB disks, to swords, to books. One of the USBs, labeled with a piece of painters tape as "Max" was the first thing she picked up, immediately plugging it into her modernized cellphone, seeing as it was the 34th century. Oooo, a program to… do what used to be "highly advanced mathematics"… a hundred years ago. Mathematics had come a long way since then, and that was only high-school math.