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Hello! I just found this website and glancing around I really like the layout and the community seems active! I don't want to go straight into the main channels without learning the ropes so to speak, though I've been stalking a few of the rp's. And what better way to learn than to try myself?

Essentially, I'm not new to rp, but I am new to this website. If anyone would mind answering some questions and doing a starter with me that would be amazing! I'm open to any kind of plot and any kind of characters. Prompts or ideas would be very much welcomed.

Thanks in advance :)


I'd be happy to do a starter with ya!

I personally prefer multi-paragraph replies for my rps, but if you're not into that, I also am willing to do shorter ones. I usually try to be like 5-10 sentences at the minimum though. If that sounds fun I'd love to talk about some ideas!


Thank you both for the responses! Short replies was something that I was actually very worried about! I also prefer to write much longer replies but I wasn't quite sure how to word what I was looking for yet. Did you have any prompts or ideas you've been wanting to throw around?
I'd be quite willing to do just about anything, and I'm comfortable playing around with most genres. I'm also comfortable doing most kinds of characters too if that helps.


I'm big into modern realistic with a dash of horror/fantasy/scifi! Most of my characters are/were in the military (with the exception of one scuba diver lol bless his heart) and I love doing stories that involve a lot of hurt/comfort bc that's my favorite genre haha

As far as specific plots go, it kinda depends on which character I play, since most aren't in the same story. I have potentials for a surreal horror, a modern romance, a slowburn romance with surreal horror elements, a sci-fi esque 'Random man found in the woods: Free to a good home' and a sci-fi esque 'Random man found floating in the ocean: will fight monsters for you' among a few others.
My favorite tropes are

  • Warning: Will bite, has not been tested for rabies
  • Apply kindness and non-aggression directly to wound
  • Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT
  • Strong beautiful gay men
  • There are Things in the Water tm

There's my idea vomit, but if you have any preferences that aren't any of those things, just lmk!!


AHhh, all amazing ideas honestly! I've got a weakness for horror and sci-fi personally! I don't think I've ever done anything horror or any kind of surreal-horror rp before.
It really does sound very intriguing to me and I'd be willing to explore any kind of sub-genre of it. I think I have a few characters I could throw at the wall and see if they stick.
If most of your characters are some kind of military, what kind of characters do you prefer to interact with them? Also are/were military or softer characters?


OH MY GOODNESS I did not mean to ghost you I thought I had gotten back to all my rp buddies about being gone for a while so sorry!! Finalls were kicking my butt hardcore and I had to drop everything to focus on them. I am still super down for this if you are!!