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Hello hello, all! I’ve been doing some reflection on life and a bunch of old, almost forgotten memories popped up out of nowhere! From dreams to real life events. It was always the little things that had kept me going, and I think since times are tough right now, I’d share these memories and dreams and turn them into art while challenging all of you to do the same!

There are no rules in art, so have fun with this concept! One reminder for all of you though, it’s sometimes the little things that made the difference. So even if your memory/dream is laying in bed watching shows, if that is a core memory for you, draw, paint, sketch or watercolor that baby and show the world!

And, don’t worry if you can’t draw it at the moment, or have no motivation. Even if your art takes a while, that’s ok! And hey! If you don’t wanna draw it, you can still always talk about it. I’m happy to see what you all come up with.

I’ll be sharing my memories and dreams here with you all that I’ll be drawing. And you guys can too! I can’t wait to see all your creative minds! ^^

@Eli-the-transboi group

This main dream I once had was I went into like- this art museum-esk type place. It was like a mix of a cave, rainforest and fantasy world. There was a little fake overly saturated river that made these beautiful colored water shapes on the walls. And the fake river led right to a little tunnel exit to a different room. The tunnel was just big enough to crawl in, so the entire space was for children only.

The cave/forest was covered in glowing stars, mushrooms, plants, and beautiful lights everywhere, yet it was also dark enough to see that glow. The glows were also so saturated and beautiful…

The place was covered in fake green foliage with fake rock formations all over the place. There were little ledges for you to climb on, sit on and even hide in with all the foliage. There were also little nooks and crannies where you could curl up in or hide in. I think there was also a little ride there. Kinda like you were swinging from vines, but you were more on a rail system in the ceiling and in a cute little basket.

I also think there was an adult area where they could sit and wait for their kids as they chatted. Though it’s in very vague detail. All I remember is there were little benches just outside the cave.

There were other kids there as well that I somehow remember making friends with. Though I still believe this whole thing was a dream. Mostly cause if this was real, I have no memory of how I got there. (As you can see, I am not all that in touch with reality)

Anyways. The little tunnel leading to a different room was covered in foliage. It acted as a little curtain to a hidden exploration. The dream ended when I crawled in there, but I have mixed memory/dreams of what was in that tunnel. It was black and yet so colorful with beautiful lights. And it transitioned into a little tea house with cozy firelight colored walls and red carpet and curtains. The windows led to complete nothingness. Just dark if you pushed back those curtains. The room from what I remember though was empty when you first crawled in. But I do distinctly remember a separate offshoot to where the tea table was.

There was also this little wall that cut short and in half with little decorative fencing on top. I remember walking to that and hearing my mom call for me. So I took one little peak at what could be around the corner, but only saw hallway with very weird looking paintings that were distorted in some way. I then ran back through the room through the tunnel and climbed my way back to my mom.

I did have some nightmares where I was chanced out of that room though by someone that looked like my mom, a black shadow figure, or some kinda force that I couldn’t see. But I could hear its roar like scream. It would always disappear once I got in the tunnel, but I still kept rushing back to my mom crying.