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I've kind of stopped posting art anywhere but since I like to talk about the context of stuff I do I thought I'd make a little space here

I'm just gonna be posting WIPs and final pieces and talking about them a bit so feel free to ignore if you want

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A sketch of one my deities

Rhona, goddess of the wild and untamed

She's a bit of a mischievous goddess and is known to be a bit malevolent. She's not a huge fan of mortals but doesn't often get along with other gods either. Some of the stranger flora and fauna of Korrei are attributed to her.

It's funny, I recently took a break from art (banned myself from drawing lest I break my tablet in frustration) but I couldn't last a week because drawing's become such a habit. I did do some sketches in my sketchbook though and decided to break my break. It's not turning out too bad so I think 6 days of abstinence paid off

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(Yeah, motivation can be hard to come by when it comes to creative things. I've found that once you've made a habit of it, it comes more easily…except when you're not sure what to draw but also want to draw at the same time. I'm sure it'll come to you eventually)

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I finally started working on this comic again
I just have to finish the last panel and then onto the next page

For context, this comic is about my Seldnac'Rae characters which is an original species. I'm a part of their art group

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I have a bunch of really old sketches from when I was even more hopeless at drawing so I decided to re-sketch one of them and here's the result

New sketch

Old sketch

I only did this to spite my past self so the new one's not very good but at the very least I've improved and that's comforting
Characters are Orien (foreground) and Ahmik (background). This would have happened around when they first met when they despised each other. Ahmik's mocking Orien no doubt which is risky cos Orien's a master of ice magic and that shit hurts

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I made a new design for one of my characters

This is Moukib who is recognised as the God of Knowledge or the Prophet. He's not technically a god but rather the fragment of an all-powerful primordial being. He is the oldest and most powerful 'god' but he has never had any interest in living up to that. On the contrary, he hates the gods and wishes that they would all stop being bitches

So this is the first physical form he took rather than existing in his incomprehensible true form. It is one of two others and also his least seen one in recent times. Recent meaning the last several thousand years

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k e r a n
there is never enough Keran

The point of this was to do some Alanysi makeup even though I don't know the first thing about makeup

I don't believe I've talked about Keran here before. He's an immigrant to Meidas from Alanys and is currently under the service of Mara, a crazy evil person. But that's okay because Keran is a not-so-crazy evil person. In fact, he prides himself in being the only actual sane person in a 10 mile radius
He's also a magic boyo and hates everyone

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A sketch of Hunter

I got really inspired because I recently finished his entire profile, something that literally never happens. I usually do my character's profiles on a different site which is more customisable.

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oh wow hey

sketch v final because I had a screenshot of the sketch and I liked the vibes

Character is Miksa, the murder mage