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I could have sworn there was already a thread for this but I couldn't find it. My pen tablet is finally on it's last legs and I'm researching for a replacement. I was wondering if anyone here has any tablet recommendations?
Currently I have a Huion H610 proV2 because of how affordable they are ($50 for anyone looking in that price point). I've saved up a bit since I was expecting a needed replacement soon but still need an affordable option. I'm trying to look at other choices besides buying another H610. If any of you have good experiences with a tablet I'd love to know!
My main concerns are pen pressure and Windows compatibility.
Any recommendations are welcome! I'm sure any type of review will be helpful to me and anyone else looking for tablets :)

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Literally any Wacom tablet is good-
That’s just my opinion, but I have the Wacom One right now and it works wonderfully! No side buttons, entirely a screen that shows what you’re doing. Like a mini monitor!

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I don't have one, I'm also looking for one.
But my roommate does digital. I don't remember the exact one he uses, but the brand is Wacom. They're pretty affordable but also work very well, and should be windows compatible? Like I know he uses a windows computer.
And it does measure pressure pretty well I think.
I don't know a lot, but there's one to look into.

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Wacom are kinda expensive, and in my experience they wear down kinda fast (could've been the model but it broke after a year and a half). Huion is a good and pretty affordable, and they have both screened and screenless tablets. I use an XP-Pen, which is a knockoff brand that turned out really nice. I've had my screened tablet (Artist Pro 16 and it cost about $400) for over 3 years now and no issues with it. All of these brands have more or less the same range of pen pressure and all have windows compatable drivers. It really depends on what type of tablet you want, whether you wanta screen, what size, mobile or stationary, etc.


I'm currently looking at pen tablets since they tend to be the most affordable between brands. Tablets that can be easily transported would be a preferred choice as well. I've heard Wacom and Huion are supposed to be pretty comparable for pen tablets, which is why I was looking for recommendations.
@Katastrophe I've tried XP-Pen before and the experience was pretty bad. The price was great if it had worked though. What models have you tried from them?

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Hm, I've only had my pro 16, a screen tablet, i havent needed any replacements (besides a pen because i missplace things) since then. I would recommend Huion then, especially if you want something wireless. I haven't used a wacom in a year or so, but I remember there being some lag between the pen and the program.


I have a pen tablet one that's also a huion, it's called the HS64. I think it might be smaller than the one you had before and it has less keys but it works pretty well. I got it on sale for pretty cheap, like maybe $25 or something like that.


Sticking with Huion seems to be my best bet then. I'll have to keep XP-Pen and Wacom in mind whenever I get around to buying a screen tablet. I'll be adding the HS64 to the list of Huion tablets I want to consider :)