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With so many new faces here for the summer, I wanted to host a few events that highlight all the interesting features in and have some low-pressure ways to try them out and see how useful (or not!) they might be for you. The first of these events is our Character VizJam, which will open up character visualizations to everyone from June 8th to June 13th.

These VizJam visualizations will be slightly different from the normal ones on the site, however. The big changes are:

  • Rather than using an existing character page, you'll be able to quickly mix and match from a long list of traits to describe your character
  • These visualizations will all be public and in a shared stream for everyone to see and remix
  • None of the visualizations are tied to your account, which also means you don't need an account to participate (tell your friends!)
  • All visualizations are free, and you can create as many as you'd like with no limits :)

The event will last for 5 days, so hopefully that helps with everyone's busy summer schedules. I'm excited to watch the stream and see all kinds of characters – and hopefully get inspired to make a few new ones of my own.

If that sounds fun to you, head on over to on the 8th (Thursday) or any day until the 13th (Tuesday) to join the fun. :)

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

The VizJam event is now live, and we've already visualized over 500 characters! It's been awesome to see everyone's characters in the stream. If you haven't started yet, you can get started with the link above. :)