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Well, well, well. After a long National Novel Writing Month and so-far-so-busy December, it's been a while! And I'm excited to get back to making awesome stuff.

Speaking of awesome stuff, I just launched a very rough private beta for a site called Shelf of Tales, which lets you upload your stories to store them long term (with a few other perks) and I'm about to release a super-secret and super-weird project in a few days, and I have a slew of bugfixes for going live tonight (as well as a bunch of bigger features in progress!), so things are shaping up to be pretty exciting holiday season and new year.

And, to top it all off, I decided to open up an official Indent Labs discord server to put all these projects under one roof of excited worldbuilders, writers, and storytellers. The Discord server is brand new and I'm open to suggestions to fill it out and make it a fun space for everyone – and I can't wait to chat with everyone. :)

You can get an invite to the Discord server here if that sounds like your cup o' tea.

I'll see you there! :)

Edit: Updated with a new Discord invite that won't expire!