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Hey y'all! Just a friendly little update with some quality-of-life fixes around the site and minor improvements around the forums, but I also wanted to give a big welcome to the first moderators we've ever had: @Nyx_ and @Serpentess!

You might've seen them around the forums already tracking down bots and pinging me on spam and, well, now they have the powers to help out a little more, too. And it's good timing, too, as I've been out for a couple days due to COVID (first time getting it, oof) but they've already been doing great work!

You'll see a little blue shield next to their name on the forums to indicate they're a moderator. They have access to reported posts also, so I wanted to end this quick update with a thank-you to all of you who have been reporting spam, too. Thank you! I do a lot to try to curate our little community into a thriving, helpful spot for everyone, and I appreciate all the help I can get for the spam that gets through. With this extra help, we'll surely get it all! :)

Thank you @Nyx_, @Serpentess, and all of you! The site wouldn't be where it is today without your support. <3