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Hey all!

As you know, I've been exploring ways to get Premium into more hands. I'm happy to announce we're a part of Infostack's Black Friday bundle of author tools, ebooks, and online courses. For just $50, you get over $3,000 worth of writing ebooks, online courses, and software to help you build, plan, revise, and publish your stories.

Included in the bundle is 6 months of, so basically you're getting everything for the price of what you'd normally pay for 6 months of Premium — but just tons more, too. :)

Infostack is donating a percentage of all sales coming from my personal share link (below) back into, so really it's win-win.

Here's the link to see what's in the bundle

Technical details:

  • Purchasing the bundle gives you a promotional code for that you can activate at any time you'd like. Activating the promo code enables Premium features on your account for 6 months immediately following activation.

  • If you already have Premium, codes are entirely sharable (but only usable once!) so they make great gifts for friends. Heck, the whole bundle makes a great gift for writer friends since there's so much stuff packed in it.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has, and I'm excited to be able to give away Premium to so many more people! :)

Happy worldbuilding!

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Yaaaaaas, Black Friday!
Love it andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) <3<3<3<3

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andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) this is off topic but we love you <3

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I'm only a part of this sale; I'm not the one putting it on, so I can't say if or when it'll run again other than "they'll probably organize it again next year and I'd be happy to participate again because I think it's a super cool bundle".

I'm always looking for interesting ways to get Premium into more people's hands, but any other promotion I put on will probably just be some kind of sale on, rather than a huge bundle like this.

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How many people are, like, running Notebook? I'm always curious.

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Just me most of the time, but I occasionally have freelancers and/or open source contributors that help a bit with some coding (and teaching things I don't know!), and my wonderful wife amy (the most wonderful woman in the world) helps a lot with everything marketing and a ton of other stuff. :)

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Awww :D That's cool. Honestly, big-time respect for running this site mostly on your own.