The gremlins have returned!

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@andrew Admin

Hey all!

As many of you very well know, we narrowly survived a rather mischievous attack on the forums last year by what seems to be a pack of interstellar gremlins intent on… well, something – I'm not quite sure yet, and I've been unable to get a straight answer from any of them.

Unfortunately, in much of the work preparing to launch autosaving, editing link fields, and a bunch of other large updates coming soon, it looks like a gremlin or two escaped. I'm trying to contain the problem now, but there is already evidence of their pranks on the site. I apologize for that.

It looks like they're trying their hardest to free their friends and cause even more mischief, but I'm holding them at bay for now. I know we have some strong warriors from around the globe here, so I'm asking you to please keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary, defend what threads you can, and most of all – stay vigilant.

I'll keep you updated as the situation progresses with anything new I learn. Thank you for your patience while I fix this pesky gremlin problem once and for all!

Edit 1: I tried to fix things and only ended up letting another gremlin out. I think things may get worse from here on out. On the bright side, their word replacements are now readable on dark mode!

Edit 2: Good news! I've found where the gremlins have been hiding and I'm assembling a crew of killer robots friends to take them out. If all goes well, we should be back to normal in about one hour. Thanks for everyone's vigilance in these trying times!

Edit 3: Got 'em! We're safe again, fellow Notebookians. Thanks for the fun; until next year! :)

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Oh god. No. Why. I hate this. End my suffering. Nobody told me the gremlins would mess with other chats.

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this is even funnier on the roleplay chats where folks are trying to be serious dljdafljkdaflkd-

Honestly I’m more entertained than anything but I’m putting all my stuff on hold until this is over just so I can take my stuff seriously.


Now the real question is if the gremlins are using the same lexicon as last time or if they've broadened their vocabulary…


Now, I would like to say that I had to switch to Light Mode to actually read what the gremlins are correcting for us, because in Dark Mode the highlight is white but the text is still white :'(

The grems just yeet your words away on Dark Mode lmao
"Silence, user!"