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Hey all!

By default, all documents you create are private and limited to your eyes only. However, you can now toggle between private or public on any document, which allows you to share documents with others. It works just like sharing any of your worldbuilding pages – just click the "Share document" button to the right of any document and you'll get a switch that lets you change the document's privacy at any time.

You can copy the link directly from that menu and share it with whoever you'd like:

And, of course, you can always toggle it back to private at any time. When you do so, even people you've given the link won't be able to access it anymore – only you can.

Happy worldbuilding!

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

Behind-the-scenes notes:

  • Letting other users collaborate on your documents is on the to-do list
  • Being able to enable/disable comments on your documents is also on the to-do list
  • Being able to add documents to a universe (to keep things tidy) is also on the to-do list

Enjoy! :)

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This is great, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)! I think the ability to share and comment on documents is going to be a great feature, especially for those (like me) who use Notebook to worldbuild for stories. :D


This looks great! At this rate is looking like it may replace Google Docs for me, at least for writing-related stuff.

Being able to attach documents to universes sounds like it’d be an especially useful feature. I think it could even better if you could attach them to other pages types as well.