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Hey all!

PayPal's probably one of the most-requested features I've had for a long time now, and I'm happy to say it's now available!

You can now use PayPal to purchase Premium Codes for yourself (or share them with friends, if you're feeling generous) from your billing page. When you buy a Premium Code, you choose how many months you'd like to pay for upfront and then you're given a code that can be redeemed at any time and activated Premium features for that long. I know a lot of people also don't inherently like subscriptions online for various reasons, so prepaid Premium Codes can be a nice alternative there as well. They also work well when gifting Premium to others, since you don't have to worry about making them cancel after X months.

Also in the billing section, there's a new page for you to track your billing history, as well as a new page for your referrals. On the referral page, you can grab your referral code for sharing elsewhere (with a couple easy buttons for Facebook/Twitter, wink wink), see who has signed up to with your code, and also track your referral rewards. I'd like to add more rewards later (and retroactively apply them, of course), but for now you'll earn a permanent 100MB upgrade to your storage space for every new user that you refer.

Check it out and let me know if you see any issues with either. I'm always checking Twitter for mentions of and love chatting about it and following fellow writers and worldbuilders. :)

I hope everyone enjoys this update. I have a lot more planned that I'm trying to fit into this month, so hopefully there'll be more exciting stuff soon!

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

@Caustic-Fraust-Is-Sick-Again We've always supported credit card payments through Stripe, which is one of the best credit card processors out there.

However, a lot of people around the world don't have credit cards, or wanted to pay other ways (like with PayPal balance or through a bank transaction instead). Now everyone just has more options. :)