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Hey all!

A pretty sizable update just went out. I basically rewrote everything related to documents (except the editor itself) based on feedback from people over the past several months.

You can read the full blog post for what all is new, but here's the short-and-sweet:

  • You can now tag documents, and filter/sort documents by tag
  • You can now create folders for documents, folders in folders, folders in folders in folders, etc – organize to your heart's content!
  • Your recently-edited documents now always appear at the top of the document dashboard
  • Documents now have a big document-level modal that pops up when you click on them in the documents dashboard, where you can edit their new synopsis (summary) field, view/edit your document notes, and customize tag/folder
  • You can now see your total word count across all documents in your document dashboard
  • If you put documents into a folder, you can now see your total word count across just all documents in that folder, too
  • You can now jump between more documents from within the editor itself (new menus for other documents in the same folder and other folders), as well as a few other quality-of-life tweaks here
  • There's now a "Document statistics" section in the Data Vault that will show you more stats about all of your documents (how often you spend writing each day, how your documents' word counts stack up against each other, how many revisions you have per document, etc).

There's a lot more small stuff, bugfixes, and a ton of speed improvements around the site in this release also, so I hope everyone enjoys!

Also, everything in this release is available to all users, regardless of free or Premium status. :)

Happy worldbuilding!

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

Also of note: folders are turned on just for documents right now while they're new (and might have a bug or two), but I intend to eventually turn them on for all notebook pages also (so you could have folders for your characters, etc), but also open them up in general so you could have characters, documents, timelines, and more all in a single folder.

Documents just seemed like a natural start to get some initial feedback and improve on them before a wider release. :)

@Becfromthedead group

I'm really happy for this update! My documents were getting so disorganized-
I did notice that on dark theme, though, you can't see the document titles in the documents list.

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Still hoping to have tags be designated per Universe rather than fitting between all of them. I often end up with a bunch of useless tags cluttering up the tag suggestions because they are only applicable to one of the universes at a time.