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Hey all!

Quite a big update (almost 30,000 lines of code changed!) released last night. Most of it was adding a proper UI library so I can more easily build complex pages (it'd be pretty hard to build something like a plot or family tree editor with the old library), so a lot of work went into seamlessly replacing it without any big changes in the current interface – but the interface will be much easier to improve from now on. I did, however, include a few changes that should make your life on a little better. :)

You can now add notes to documents

Each document now has a separate section available for writing/storing notes about that document. To access it, simply click the "Document Notes" tab on the right side of any document page. It'll pop up a separate dialog that lets you write as much as you'd like about the document.

Editing pages now shows you completeness indicators

One thing that I've found helps motivate me is seeing some kind of progress feedback or indicator as I'm fleshing out more pages. Now, when you're editing any page on, you'll see a "percent complete" indicator on each category. Only you can see those percentages, and only when editing a page; when you've filled out 100% of the fields in a category, you get a nice little green checkmark. :) Also, the sidebar itself has been redesigned to keep things organized as I add more functionality to notebook pages (exciting news on that soon!).

The quick-create menu adapts to your screen now

That little circle button in the bottom-right of every page has been there since the start of, but as we've added more and more pages it's become a problem for some Premium users that use so many pages the menu overflows off the top of the screen. When you're on a computer, this menu will now expand out horizontally (since screens are wider than they are tall!) to give more space for all the pages you have active. It'll continue expanding vertically on mobile devices, where screens are taller.

Happy worldbuilding!

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Loving the completeness indicators! Really helps me out as to if I've procrastinated or finished. Thanks for your excellent work, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)!

@Riorlyne pets

These are great, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer), thank you! And I look forward to the other exciting news that you have in store. :D

@halfging3r Chihuahua Mom

Thank you so much andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)! I agree, the completeness indicator seems like it'll be really helpful, not just as motivation, but also to let me (and other users) know what needs more work!