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Hey all!

I'll write up a more in-depth blog post about this soon but just wanted to drop in and give a heads up on the first big release of February (out a day early since I'm in a friend's wedding this weekend!). Here's what's new, in a nutshell:

  • Premium users can now create Continent pages. These work like any other page, and I think they fully close the gap on the different levels of locations on the site. Now that we have Planets, Continents, Countries, Landmarks, and Towns, I'm going to try to prioritize some way to start tying them all together in a more visual manner. I'm thinking a gigantic map that you can pin pages to and drill down (to other maps?), but it's all still very early in design. I'm very excited for it all, so do let me know if you have any suggestions on how you'd like to handle worlds' worth of hierarchical locations in your notebook. :)

  • Anyone can now "favorite" any of their own pages. To favorite a page, simply click the gold star on its image when viewing your notebook lists (e.g. a list of all your characters), or when editing any individual page. Favorited pages will always show first in your lists (so, for example, you can now favorite some characters to always have them at the top of your character lists). You can also favorite documents. You can also now filter any list by "favorites only" to only show your favorites.

  • Anyone can now designate a "favorite page type" for their profile. When editing your profile, you can now select which type of page on is your favorite to create. I plan on creating a ton more page types moving forward, and this'll help me prioritize features for the page types that get used most often. Selecting your favorite will also use that page type's color on your profile page, as well as create an extra link on your profile to show off your public pages of that type (if you have any). For example, if I select Creatures as my favorite page type, then my profile banner turns brown and I get a "Check out my creatures" button on my profile. :)

  • A ton of new default categories and fields have been added to most pages. Most (not all) pages have had new categories and fields added to further flesh out various aspects of them and generate more interesting prompts. These are being automatically enabled for everyone, so there's nothing you need to do to turn them on. If you'd like to delete or hide them, you can with the template editor for any page type.

  • The Prompts page now has a quick-reference sidebar. Whenever you're asked a question about one of your pages on the Prompts page, you'll now be able to click a button and pop out a sidebar that includes a quick reference for that page instead of having to load it up in an entirely new tab. It just makes things a bit quicker, and it's always nice to have everything you've already written at your fingertips. This is the same quick reference that Premium users get in the document editor (so they can see their pages while writing), but this version is available for everyone. :)

  • Also, the usual bug fixes and related stuff. Lots of baseline improvements around the site to fix bugs and optimize code. I'm also introducing some data integrity checks that'll automatically run each night and keep an eye on data in the database to make sure it conforms to what is expected, which should further cut down on the number of possible bugs with each new release.

Happy worldbuilding!