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Hey all!

Tonight's release adds a new page to the Data Vault.

Check in on your Collaboration tab any time to see which universes you're sharing with others (and with who), as well as what universes you've been invited to collaborate on. Collaborating with others on a universe is available to all users and makes staying in worldbuilding a bit more of a social experience; it's also a great way to invite your friends or colleagues for some feedback or small changes on a shared project.

From this page, you'll have quick lists of shared universes and collaborators, and you'll also be able to remove any collaborators or leave universes you've been added to.

There's also a frequently asked questions blurb on the page, which explains some of the ins and outs of collaborating that people might not know about. For example, being able to share Premium with all of your collaborators while they're working in your universe!

Happy worldbuilding!