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Hey all!

Another update went live tonight. Here's what's new:

  • Users with a Premium subscription can now create Collections. I'm still planning on rolling this out to everyone eventually, but the feature is new and I want to get feedback before it grows too much, so give it a try and let me know what you'd add/change – and it might just make it in the next release!

  • Collections can now be toggled between private or public. You can create a private collection to curate your own pages or create a public one. You can also turn on or off being able to accept submissions from other people, and If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even turn on "auto-accept" to let anyone add to a collection without your approval.

  • You can now follow Collections for updates. You'll receive a notification whenever a page gets accepted to any Collection you follow.

  • The "Follow this user" button on profiles is working again. That was my bad. Whoops.

Plus, a few minor UI tweaks and polishes that didn't make it into the previous update. There's a lot more to do, but I'm hoping Collections will start being a lot more useful now that you all can create and customize your own collections instead of just me having them all! ;)

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what functionality you'd like to see in Collections, please do let me know! There's a feedback form on the Collections page (and/or in the Help Center), but this thread might also be a good place to brainstorm. :)


I really wish a header image wasn’t required, as a blind person it’s not really something I want to bother with. Plus I can’t seem to get an image on my iPad that’ll satisfy the requirements.