forum Improvements: document analysis got a little smarter
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Notifications for tonight's release are going out now, but the short is that analyzing your documents has a bunch of new knobs and dials to help you dive deep into your own writing.

The full blog post is here, but here's the coolest new stuff:

  • See how readable your document is according to 8 popular readability scales, with tips on how to adjust your readability to perfectly match your target audience
  • Compare your readability score to other popular works, like Harry Potter, Moby Dick, Time magazine, or the average 6th grader homework
  • See all of your frequently-used or overused words
  • Be alerted of any potential trigger words in your document for profane, hateful, sexual, or violent content
  • Visually see the rhythm of sentence lengths to see how your document reads. I love this and I've been pasting all my short stories in just to see them in this format. Would recommend! :)

Plus a bunch of improvements to all the other existing analysis features. If you're on Premium, you should definitely check out the new stuff! To analyze a document, click the orange "ANALYZE" button at the top of any document while editing it.

Happy worldbuilding!