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Another day, another small-ish release. Tonight's update fixes a few bugs (including a ton of dark-mode snippets that were hard to read) and adds the following features:

  • Your documents and timelines are now included in your @-mention dropdowns (e.g. when editing characters, locations, etc or writing in documents).
  • The universes you're contributing to (and pages within those universes) will now show up in your @-mention dropdowns
  • You can now link timelines directly to documents and view those timelines in the entity browser (the same sidebar that lets you look up your worldbuilding pages without leaving the document editor)
  • Documents in the universes you're collaborating on will now show up in your documents list, but they'll be read-only for you (for now, documents can only be edited by their owner)
  • Universes you collaborate on will now show up in the universe filter dropdown when viewing your lists of characters, locations, documents, etc
  • Universes with collaborators will now also show who owns that universe on the Contributors tab