forum For the next two weeks, 3- and 6-month Premium Codes are buy one get one free.
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Hey all!

Hope everyone is staying safe. I'm staying in and trying to get a lot done, but I wanted to let everyone know about a quick discount I'm doing for the site:

For the next two weeks (until April 4th), buying a Premium Code for either 3 or 6 months will generate a second code of the same length for free.

These codes work just like normal prepaid codes: you can activate them at any time to start a prepaid subscription, and you'll be automatically downgraded back to Starter at the end of their time instead of it renewing like a normal subscription.

You can activate these codes on your own account or share them with friends to safely gift them Premium also. Each code generates a nice page you can share with friends that includes the code and a description of what all Premium entails.

The world is pretty crazy in some places, so if you have the opportunity to stay in, why not stay in and build a new world or two? :)

Happy worldbuilding!

You can check out the Premium Codes available here.


I was just wondering if would be running a "hey, thanks for spending these trying times with us" sort of promo! I was already using Premium but I am very thankful for this offer.
Stay safe, sane, and hopefully productive!