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Here's the full blog post with everything new, but here's a quick TL;DR for everyone:

  • Free users can create Collections until October 20th. Collections have rolled out from private beta to Premium-only to this new limited access for all users. I'd like them to be available to all users eventually, but rolling out access like this lets me stay on top of bugs and new features and improve them a lot faster. :)
  • A new design. The new design looks a lot better (in my opinion), but it also fits a lot more information on the page without having to scroll, has new features, and loads faster.
  • See your followed Collections all from one place. Previously, following a Collection only sent notifications whenever there was a new post. Now you can see all your followed collections in one place and jump into any of them with a single click.
  • Some new sort options. You can now sort pages in a Collection by the order they were added in, newest-first, alphabetical, or a completely random ordering!
  • Collection descriptions now support basic HTML. You can now format your descriptions with bold, italic, and more.
  • Easier-to-upload headers. The maximum filesize for a Collection header has been doubled from 500KB to 1MB and the maximum image dimensions have been increased from 1000x2000 to 2000x2000. These uploads do not count against your account's upload storage capacity.

Enjoy! Click here to jump over to Collections right now and start exploring, or just click "Collections" in the site sidebar!