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Hi all!

I'm hard at work on a lot of quality-of-life features around the site that people have requested lately, but I wanted to pop in and introduce one more beta feature that is ready for testing: talking to your characters.

This feature uses the open-source project OpenCharacters and uses your answers to character questions to build a conversational persona that you can talk to. You can ask your character questions, have a conversation, roleplay with them, or just stick them in a room with several of your other characters and have them all talk to each other. OpenCharacters isn't related to, but I thought it was a cool project so I've been working with them to add a way to get your characters into the app, too. If you use any other sites like this, do let me know and maybe I can work on an exporter for them, too. :)

To export any of your characters, just go to this page and select the character you want to talk to. It'll automatically pull some relevant fields from your page and give you a preview of how the persona is constructed – in editable fields, so you can tweak it however you like beforehand.

Once you've imported any character, you can also prompt them to reply in chats with your other characters with the "reply with…" button.

Please do note that OpenCharacters requires an OpenAI API key to use – it'll ask you for it as soon as any character tries to respond. This is necessary for the AI under the hood, but I'm looking at ways to remove this requirement for users in the future. Hopefully I'll have some good news to share on that soon!

And one last thing: if your characters are public, you can also share your character's exporter link with your friends to let them talk to your character, too.

To export your characters, head on over to this page. If anyone wants to import their characters to other services or has any feedback on how to improve the exporter in general, I'm all ears!

Happy worldbuilding! :)