A Typical Day
by @Echo_6

"Seth! Have you seen the key?" Tolkalee called from the room just over from where Seth was reading. Seth glanced up and looked around the room.

"No, did you leave it in the medical house?" Seth called back. He heard some crashing around, something glass broke, the cat ran from the room, something big and heavy fell over, and dust plumed through the doorway. Tolkalee cursed, and Seth closed his book. Lachlan opened the door to his room.

"Did someone just break in?" He called.

"No, it's just Tolk, breaking things while he looks for the key," Seth replied.

"It is sitting right here on the bookshelf where he left it this morning," Lachlan walked out of his room and picked it up. More crashing around could be heard, and Tolkalee stumbled into the sitting room wrapped in some sort of cord and covered in dust. 

"Where did you say it was?" he fell over and struggled on the floor to untangle himself from the rope. Seth stood up and helped him up.

"Lachlan has it. You left it on the bookshelf this morning," he explained to Tolkalee. Lachlan walked over and handed it to him. "Did you figure out what it is for?"

"I might have," Tolkalee held up a piece of paper. It was discolored, wrinkled, had a bunch of little tears in it, and looked like it had gotten wet once or twice. "It's a map." He handed it to Seth, it felt old. There was a layer of dust on it, and it was crusty.

"Where did you find this?" Seth asked glancing at Tolkalee, and examining the map. There was and odd little symbol in the upper left corner of it. 

"In the wall, behind my desk," Tolkalee explained. He held the key up to the symbol, and showed that the base of the key matched the symbol. It looked like a bear print.

"Why were you behind your desk?" Lachlan sighed.

"I dropped my pen, and pulled my desk out to get it, but then noticed the cut in the wall and found this," Tolkalee put the key in his back pocket. "Shall we go find where it leads?" 

"Dude, these marks here, I know that place," Lachlan pointed to a place on the map. "But it's a good four days journey from here are you sure we should do that?" 

"Why not? I'm curious, aren't you?" Tolkalee looked between them. Seth locked eyes with Lachlan and shrugged. Lachlan grinned and shook his head.

"Okay, let me grab my go bag and we can get moving," Lachlan sighed. He took a step back and walked into his room, coming out a moment later with his backpack on his shoulder and his jacket in his hand. "We ready to go?"

Seth grinned picked up his backpack from by the door and waited for Tolkalee, who was grabbing his backpack and putting both the map and the key in it. "Let's go." They walked out the door and close it behind them. A door opens in the back of the house, and Troy walks out of his room.

"What is all the racket out here?" He grumbles rubbing his eyes. He stops and looks around, the house quiet. "Guys...? Maaaan I hate when they do this."