Ruin Scratchpad


Everyone expected WW3 to happen, but no one expected it to be so brutal...or what would happen to the world because of it. 

Because of the weapons used, deadly radiation corrupted the earth. The grass wilted; the rivers turned sour; the animals dropped away, one by one. But a far worse fate than this would befall the better part of mankind. 

Boils. Bruises. A patchwork canvas of pain bled across the skin of those most unfortunate. And if their luck took an even bigger turn...they would then turn on their friends. Family. Destroying life around them as the life inside them was destroyed. 

As the world dissolved into ruin, hope for a better, stronger people was lost. Our visions of greatness and power shattered. For those unaffected by the radiation, our only hope was to survive. 

But now, here, in 2109...something has changed. 

I don't know what this means for humanity but perhaps...perhaps there is a chance we can be saved.

(Future type thing...essentially, we almost wipe ourselves out with warfare and all that bumpcus. WW3. Radiation and stuff warps some people into spell casting spectres, and others into demonic psychopaths.)
("Look, there's the Hope Tower, up ahead." "Why is it called Hope Tower?"
"Well, for one, it's kind of like a beacon, to tell travelers "Hey, c'mon over here and have some food! You'll be safe here!" For two...the guy who built the tower, he had a wife named Hope."
 "Hehe -- okay, but imagine if her name had been something like Gertrude.")
 Beneath their vessel the sea rolled, ‎all churning blue and white. Abiliene grasped the rail and peered down at the crashing waves in awe.
 So beautiful in her eyes....she longed to embrace the water, be at peace in the stillness deep down. 
 "Probably should've kept rolling -- then you wouldn't have fallen on your face."
 "If I had kept rolling, I probably would have been rolling forever."
 "Hehe...that would be funny..."
 Okay, so the group stops for the night, and one of them dreams. In the dream, there's a house that they're exploring. While exploring, everyone disappears, and then this lady finds the dreamer. In the kitchen, she turns away from the sink with a slight smile, and then looks straight at the dreamer while wormy, purplish-grey tentacles shoot out of her mouth, grab the dreamer, and force them into her mouth.

Codename "Calypso" is a spunky, spirited girl with a love for crazy 80's fashion. With her Illusions flair she creates outlandish outfits for herself. She travels alone, using her flair and wits to outsmart vagabonds and Terminal alike. 

When Moraphe takes the flair children in, his goal is to protect them, and help them develop their gifts. They start to realize they can use their abilities to take out the Terminal and help people in need. Through helping people, they discover other goals. But what's the ultimate objective, in the end?

--Flair ideas


Wind current manipulation.