Personal Statement Writing - Tips For Success
by Morgan

Personal Statement Writing 

Tips For Success

Writing a personal statement is no easy task. It requires careful thought and a bit of self-expression. Because of this, most students find it difficult to come up with a well-written personal statement; thus many schools ask their graduates to write a personal statement, as a part of the application process. Personal statements can help personalize your application, and demonstrate to schools that you are the right person for the specific academic program you wish to apply to.

A personal statement is, in general, between 100 and 500 word long, depending largely on your intended topic and the tone you are seeking to take. A personal statement, however, your chance to sell yourself to the admissions committee, usually falls into either one of two categories: comprehensive or specific. Comprehensive personal statement writing service are written to answer every question the admissions panel may have about your application; however, they do not necessarily address any specific needs you may have. A more specific application letter, typically around 500 words or so, addresses the specific admissions questions you will be asked during the application process. Personal statements writers are skilled at crafting statements that are specific enough to meet specific requirements; however, they are also skilled at taking personal statements and making them applicable to their audience.

When hiring a personal statement writer, ask for samples of their work. Write down a few things you like about their writing; also, note how they prepare and format their essay for each individual case. Make sure the writer you hire has experience writing admissions essays; make sure they have a portfolio of essays they have written and edited for various colleges and universities. Above all, make sure you have a good feeling about the writer - you should be able to trust the writer's expertise and style. If the school you are applying to has a writing center, find out whether the admissions staff is familiar with their work; if so, you may use the writer's portfolio or sample essay to select an essay-writing professional.