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 The Crush by Ren Browne

English book for free download The Crush 9798990628311  (English literature)

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English book for free download The Crush 9798990628311 (English literature)

What if he's always it for me, and I'm never it for him? For as long as I can remember, I have been completely infatuated with Daniel Ríos. A shame, because not only is he twelve years older and painfully indifferent to my existence, but Daniel also left eight years ago, signing up to join the DEA while I was still signing out of homeroom. Now, I'm just back from college, right back under my family's supervision, and more than a little surprised to find I'm not the only one back home. This time, is it too much to hope that he might see me, too? Just another reason to stay away. Trying to move on from my past while simultaneously trying to fit back into the life I left behind, the one thing I could really use is a distraction. Unless that distraction's name is Isabel Rivera. The youngest daughter of my parents' best friends, off limits doesn't even begin to describe what Isabel should be for me. However, the closer I get to her, the harder I find it to let her walk away. No matter how much I know I should.

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