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 What Did You Do?. Jeneane O'Riley

What Did You Do?

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What Did You Learn In School Today? 44 Alternatives Dec 12, 2022 — What is the difference between 'What did you do?' and ' Both are interrogative forms and differ in tense. “Did you?” asks whether you performed some task in the past. “Do you?” is present tense, but  [Past tense] What did you do? - Easy Dialogue - Role Play [Past tense] What did you do? - Easy Dialogue - Role Play Here is Great Educational Songs  What Did You Do? Podcast What Did You Do? Podcast. 591 likes. True crime podcast hosted by two Black, inquisitive, and ridiculous people. Catch us on soon on Appl. Asking "What did you do on the weekend?" It's a bit long, but the emphasis on “Friday or Saturday nights” will tell the other person exactly what you mean. You could also say “on weekends,” but it  What Did You Do? - English Central What Did You Do? Learn how to express actions using the past tense. Beginner. Watch the Video. Learn the Words. Speak the Lines. Company Information. What Did You Do? by David L. Tamarin No, I'm not giving this one star because I caught half a dozen grammar mistakes in a 19 page story, though I do feel this author should be ashamed for expecting  How to pronounce what did you do in American English Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'what did you do': · Break 'what did you do' down into sounds: [WOT DID YOO DOH] - say it out  Interview Question: Tell Me a Time You Made a Mistake Jul 14, 2023 —