How Unique Date Ideas Benefit You
by Hanna

man and woman standing on water during daytime

When’s the best time to time to think up unique date ideas?

Now! BEFORE you’re out there with a wonderful guy—on a seriously boring date.

Failure to plan in advance produces boring, forgettable experiences.

A string of those—even if he’s seriously attracted to you—can short-circuit your relationship before it ever gets off the ground.

How so?

What You DO Matters

The online dating process is loaded with uncertainties that you just don’t have control over.

Since you’re already a little nervous and full of anticipation, last-minute decisions add pressure. In a time crunch, you’ll propose only the options you can think up on the spot.

But, truly unique dating ideas call for creativity; which requires calm reflection—in advance.

Otherwise, you’ll just come up with some, “nice” (thoroughly routine) plans and you’ll go through the motionson auto-pilot.

Where the Problem Begins...

Because generic date activities don’t demand your fullest attention, it’s easy to look detached and preoccupied—like you’d rather be elsewhere.

Here’s the problem: Your date (who’s analyzing your every word and facial expression) may sense that it’s HIM you’ve lost interest in.

And... when a man feels insecure he’ll typically mask it with a look of indifference.

Then... sensing his vibe as subtle rejection, you’ll put on your mask of cool detachment...which he’ll read as dismissal.... and on and on...

After that pattern happens a few times, you’ll say to yourself (again!): “I don’t know why, but I’m just not “feeling it” with him anymore.

Sound familiar?

Changing the Pattern

When he raises that inevitable question: “What would you like to do tonight?” be ready with a few out-of-the-box options.

These unique date ideas cover a range of tastes:

1. Produce-Picking Date: Plan a sun-swept morning at a local "pick your own" fruit or vegetable farm. Then, move on to a leisurely nature walk around your own private Eden. Afterwards, bust out your well-stocked basket for a picnic.

(Tip: Flowing conversation followed by wordless interludes will feel very natural and comfortable when you’re joined in a shared activity).

2. Outdoor Market Date: Feed your senses and discover each other’s tastes and personal aesthetic by taking in an outdoor marketplace or cultural festival. Share your likes and dislikes for the crafts and collectibles on display. Find out which of you has the sharpest haggling skills to lock in a deal.

(Tip: Expect to see people you know. Keep your exchanges with them brief. Then swiftly return to your primary task—making memories with your date.)

3. Sweet Treats Date
Here’s a unique date idea: Bypass dinner and fast-forward to dessert? Splurge at a ritzy, ultra-romantic spot by ordering a sampling of decadent treats to share. The penthouse cafe atop a high-rise hotel? The live jazz and candlelit views are icing on the cake.

(Tip: Avoid droning on about the calories and carbs. Instead, use this opportunity to share some of your goals and dreams—and how you are savoring these moments with him.)

4. Wine-Tasters Date
Head to a tasting event at a nearby winery. Share your passion for—or feed your curiosity about--wines. Take the opportunity to propose a simple toast to your guy. Make sure to mention his qualities that you most admire.

(Tip: Be sure to eat in advance and avoid over-indulging. Nothing wrecks a romantic mood like an intoxicated date).

5. Amusement Park Date:
Want to upgrade your budding relationship with a unique date? The idea is to experience gut-churning rollercoasters, bumper cars and cotton candy together. It’s great for unveiling your uninhibited, spontaneous sides.

(Tip: Laugh till your jaws hurt, and say yes to thrill rides that put your hairdo in jeopardy.)

6. Waterfront Date
If you’re located near anything from a picturesque duck pond to the ocean itself, make it the backdrop to for an intimate sunset stroll. Or, find a lake with canoe rentals. For a couple of hours cozily drift together.

(Tip: Don’t just stick to the subject of boats and waters. It’s the perfect time to ask questions and share previously undisclosed stories about yourselves.)

7. Volunteer Date
Team up for a cause. Truly unique dates are from ideas like these: Build a Habitat for Humanity house. Clean-up the yard for a neighbor in need. Host homeless people for a holiday dinner. Complete a 5k race for charity. Doing good—together—is good for your relationship.

(Tip: Choose a cause you’re both passionate about. Be sure it allows you to actually work together.)

Caution: If every detail is thought-out, your dates will feel forced and mechanical. But, never planning gives the impression that your relationship isn’t worth the effort.

The big take-away from this dating tip? It’s for women to experiment to discover the right balance.