The Story of Two Brothers: Jabun in Jilden Vol 1: Jabun

I hope to edit this story as much as I can in the future for maximum perfection. if anyone has ideas on what to add, I am open to them but will most likely not use it. I would like to thank the creators of Zelda for creating this beautiful work of art, and i'm very happy to have the ability to write something like this.

To Nathan Pesta, who may not ever know I exist, but always maintains a positive role in my heart, even through his ups and downs.

As we all know, many years ago, the hero of time slained the demon king Ganondorf, and most of us in the land of the great sea learn the hero mysteriously vanished without a trace, but that is simply not  the whole story. This book will explain what happened to the hero of time, his connection to the great water spirit Jabun, and his long lost brother, Jilden.

CHAPTER 1: The beginnings

Many years ago, There was a short man named Tael, a citizen of the world of Termina. Tael was a very timid man when he first met a boy who would change his life around. Tael and his dear sister, Tatl, were trying to find shelter in Termina field when they heard a young boy crying due to losing his friends. Tael was very frightened, but at the same time he wanted to help this boy. When Tael and Tatl found the boy, he wore an outfit made entirely of leaves. He also had silver eyes. The boy was very frightened of Tael and Tatl at first, but when Tatl began to calm him down, he started to trust them. This trio became the best of friends, doing almost anything and everything together. The boy never told Tael and Tatl his name, so they gave him one. They called him Skull Kid, because of the birth mark on his hand resembling a skull. The three friends would play in the fields, swim in the rivers, and had many days of fun. Tael and Tatl were very happy, but little did they know, that this was all about to change. When the three were playing one day, Skull Kid decided to show Tael and Tatl something really cool. He found a mysterious mask he found in someone's bag. The two siblings warned him to put him back, but, sadly, Skull Kid was a very stubborn child. He refused to listen to the two and kept the mask. Tael and Tatl didn't think it was a good idea, but they wanted to see what would happen. When Skull Kid put on the mask, he froze. He heard all of his deepest desires coming out of that mask. He could get his friends back. He would destroy the world to get his friends back, and that's just what he was going to do. All of his thoughts were coming true. Skull Kid was having so much fun, he didn't even notice that the mask was doing something to his mind. As time passed by, the mask had enough of playing around. It started to control Skull Kid's mind, making him do terrible things to Tael and Tatl. One day, Skull Kid was walking with Tael and Tatl when they found a boy on a horse. Skull Kid, having a corrupted mind, decided he would steal the horse for himself. Tael and Tatl didn't want to, but they wanted to have fun just like their friend, so they joined him. The three started to chase the boy on the horse. Before long, the boy fell off his horse. He was hurt quite badly, but that didn't stop Skull Kid, Tael, or Tatl. Skull Kid checked his pockets for items, and found a musical instrument. He loved it. He played a little tune for himself and laughed hysterically. He was not aware that the boy with the horse had woken up and was watching him. Tael alerted Skull Kid that the boy had awoken. Frightened, Skull Kid jumped on the horse and ran off as fast as he could with Tael and Tatl. The boy was furious. He ran after Skull Kid and his horse, eventually falling into a deep tunnel. When Tael and Tatl caught up with Skull Kid, they were shocked to see the boy on the ground. He was hurt and he couldn't move. Skull Kid didn't care, however. He told Tael and Tatl to leave him behind. Tael didn't want to, but Tatl pushed him forward, forcing him to leave the boy behind. Before the three left the room, Skull Kid put a curse on the boy to be extremely disfigured. Tatl took a couple of minutes to hit the boy with a stick, not knowing that she was behind. Tael warned his sister that she had to leave, but the door closed on him and Skull Kid. Tael hears Tatl's cries from the other side of the door, but could do nothing, Tael and Skull Kid trotted back to Termina field, being forced to abandon Tatl. On the way, Tael tried to talk to Skull Kid, but he just kept on laughing like a maniac. He wouldn't listen to Tael at all. When they got to the field, they immediately headed for Junior Ranch. Skull Kid sold the horse and then headed for Clock Town. Tael tried to warn the people in Clock Town about what Skull Kid was going to do, but they wouldn't listen. They just called him a liar and kicked him out of the town. Skull Kid came up with the idea to bring the moon colliding with earth. That would surely bring his friends back. On the eve of the carnival, the moon would crash into the world unless his friends came to save him. The moon got closer and closer to the earth. His plan was working. The moon would crash into the world in about 15 hours. Tael and Skull Kid stood atop the clock tower in the middle of Clock Town for three days waiting for the moon to fall. On the third day, the eve of the carnival fell. The clock tower started to open up, giving Skull Kid the perfect platform to summon the moon on. Tael was horrified. He didn't want to die. He had so much more to do in his life. He felt like a failure. He promised himself that he would become a courageous person like his sister. He can't become one now. How would he stop the moon? about fifteen minutes before the moon was predicted to fall, the boy with the horse came up to the platform with Tatl. Tael was shocked. He didn't think he would ever see his sister again. Tael told the two that the moon would fall if they did not visit the swamp, the mountain, the ocean, and the canyon and bring back four things. Skull Kid smacked Tael for speaking, then began to taunt Tatl and the boy. After the taunting, he proceeded to look up to the moon and produce an ear curdling scream. The moon was falling at a rapid pace now. The boy took out his instrument and started playing a song. It caused four red giants to appear and stop the moon. Tatl and Tael were delighted. They ran to each other and gave a sweet embrace. The embrace was not very long, since Skull Kid was soon waving in the air like a banner. His mask began to spoke. It ascended up to the moon and started to make it fall again. The giants tried their best to keep it idle, but they weren't strong enough. Tatl tried to convince the boy to not go where the mask had gone, but he has not listened. He went up to the moon and dissappeared for many minutes. After the many minutes, the day began to rise. The moon soon returned back into the sky. Skull Kid, Tatle, Tael, and the boy woke up in Termina field. They were facing the sight of the four red giants. Skull Kid knew these giants very well. When Skull Kid learned the giants never forgot about him, he hung his head and wept. He had gone to all of this trouble for them to come back. He could have prevented the moon from falling had he just not been so angry. The boy tried to console Skull Kid, but he had no words. Tatl and Tael walked up to Skull Kid and tried to calm him down. The giants had to go back home now. They couldn't stay, but now Skull Kid understood. He promised the giants that he would not be mad at them anymore. Skull Kid was sad to see his friends leave, but he knew they had to go back home. He waved goodbye, and that was the last time he saw them. Skull Kid and the boy went their separate ways exploring the world. Tatl decided to move to clock town, while Tael built a house in the woods of mystery. The woods of mystery were said to be the forest that connected Termina to Hyrule. Tael decided he finally wanted to be a man. He built the house for many years, trying his hardest to make it a family home. While looking for supplies one day, he saw a young lady collapsed in the woods. She had a beautiful physique silky blonde hair. Tael was in love. He married the girl, and they soon bore two children, whom they decided to name Jabun and Jilden. Jilden was born two years before Jabun, making him the oldest son. He was a quiet child, and rebelled very often. He loved stories of dark magic and sorcery. He wanted to be able to control magic when he grew up. Jabun, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. He was very quiet, but loved to look after his family. He wanted to be just like his father when he grew up. He wanted to save the world. They both loved the outdoors and occupying themselves with books. The entire family never really had any interaction with the outside world unless they went to Rudi's Ranch to get milk, which was not often. Jabun and Jilden had reached 16 and 19 when they were about to embark on a grand adventure together. One none had ever thought to do. They were leaving Termina to look for the temple of time, a sacred building their father had taught them about that he had heard from a traveler long long ago. Jilden was originally going to search for the building alone, but Jabun insisted that he travel with him so he would not get lost.

CHAPTER 2: The Hunt for the sacred building part 1; The departure & other woods

Jilden and Jabun had prepared many years in advance. Jilden had planned out every piece of jet black clothing he had (all the way down to underwear and socks) so he would look as what he thought was the best. Jabun readied his nicest cloth wraps, which he had dyed purples and greens and yellows many months prior and used to cover his entire body from his forehead down to his thighs. They had packed little to no rations; only Jabun with a sword. They figured that if they had became hungry they could just hunt a nearby animal and start a fire. Jilden did not need a sword due to him knowing some magic from his fathers books. He felt safe with that.

"Are you really, really sure you want to embark on such a big adventure without any food or water?" Their mother asked. "You've never even been adventuring in the first place, and to embark on an adventure never even heard of in Termina's history....oh boy..."

"Relax mom, i'll keep Jabun safe."

"More like i'll keep you safe!"Jabun chuckled. "You'd probably get lost and turn into one of the monkeys without me carrying a map!"

"Whatever, Jabun. I could care less." Jilden snapped

"Be nice" Tael intervened. "Whatever you do, stay together. I always travelled in a group of three when I was your age, keep in mind. I'd be toast if it wasn't for those two. Speaking of toast, did you get their bread ready yet dear?"

"I did. Jabun, Jilden, please stay safe. I've written you both letters for if you ever get homesick of me and your father on the road! If you need to ask for anything I can always send it via mail! Do you have enough clothes? That doesn't look like enough you need mo-"

Jilden closed the door on his mother. "Ok, let's get going."

Jabun and Jilden made a long trek into the woods, Jabun stating where they were as of correlation of their map. He often wondered if they had hurt their mothers feelings when Jilden shut the door on her, and always asked himself if he should turn back and apologize for Jilden's actions. But no. It was too late and they were already deeper into the woods of mystery than before."Ok, so we'd have to go north from here, and east..."Jabun would say. "How can you even see the map? Your eyes are are covered by those bandages! Here, give me the map!" Jilden would reply. It always ended up in a fight until they realized they were making no progress and had to keep moving forward in order to locate the temple.

While walking, they discovered a sign trampled to the ground. it had been there for many years. Jilden picked it up and read

"ENTRANCE TO THE --S-- --O--? Well, I guess we're going in the right direction if this is an entrance. Hop to it Jabun!" The two walked into this "entrance" and were greeted to the faint sound of an Ocarina. The two followed the sounds of the ocarina, discovering many perplex and cumbersome objects, some covered in water or rocks. Jilden and Jabun eventually stumbled across a very large maze, with very thick walls and minuscule walkways. "This would be a claustrophobic's nightmare" Jabun had said. After finishing the maze of many "Have we been here?"'s dead ends, and deku nut injuries they finally made it to the end of the maze, finding a very lenghty stone staircase, which had probably been there for decades, maybe even centuries. Yet they heard the ocarina even louder and louder, like it had been a couple feet away from the two. They scaled the walkway to find a enormous stone building with moss and a wide tree stump complementing the bilding. "Where is it coming from?? It's almost as if it's coming from inside that building, but its impossible!" Jilden had pointed to the broken staircase that had most likely granted entrance to the large building at one time. "Do you see that? There's no way someone could get in there. Not at all I say!"

"Unless?" Jabun added. "Unless they might be a guardian of the....?"

"The what?" Jilden asked. "The what, Jabun? This random stone building in the middle of the forest? I doubt it."

"The temple of time, you fool. This could be the temple of time right below- or maybe above your nose!" Jabun pointed to the emblem on the top of the building's entrance. "Do you see that? That could be the symbol for the temple of time and you would have missed it entirely."

"Well I found it! You were just walking behind me!" Jilden said angrily. "Why don't you get me up there smartie?" Jilden had hinted at Jabun to grab the bottom of his feet and pick him up. Jilden knew this would not be an easy task with his brother being 30 pounds heavier than him but he obliged. He picked up the tall skinny man by his feet and tried to aim him at the top of the broken stairs with many shrieks of pain in the process. "How much longer- Agh! are you goona t-agh! take to get to the-agh! the stairs?" Jabun asked. "I'm almost there! Hold your horses Jabun!" Jilden finally got hold of the very top stair and pulled himself up. Jabun tended to his sore arms and hands while Jilden entered the building to investigate.

Jilden had been greeted by a grey wolf. The wolf barked at him very loudly and ran after him. "Stand back! I'll rip you apart!" Jilden readied one of his curses he keeped in a side pouch of his jacket for when the wolf got too close. He threw it at the wolf, but it didn't stop it. "Shoot!" he exclaimed. "I've got to get out of here! woahhhh!" Jilden came running out of the building screaming. He leaped off the broken staircase and landed safely in Jabun's arms, which were now even more hurt.