Tips on Writing Your Exam Essays

 Essays are part of every discipline where it is used to either test the student’s understanding of the subject material or his/her ability to evaluate the subjects taught in the course. In some exams, some instructors test the students’ level of understanding and their preparation by giving them essays to write on a topic covered in class. It is important while attempting these exams that you take care of the essay format and the structure, as you will be judged against the quality of your writing as well. 

In the exam essay writing, you don’t have the comfort of time as you do in the normal take-home essays. You are, thus, required to complete your essay process in a limited time. This includes all your prewriting and posts writing essay processes.

If you are thinking how can i write my essay here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while writing your essay in your exams.

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Preparing for the exam essays

If you are sure that there will be an essay in your exams then you should do your homework prior to the exam. Make sure that you go through the syllabus set for your exam and revise the notes and the lectures for the subject. It is also helpful to write a few essays just to warm up your writing as it allows you to head into the exam essay with more confidence. Otherwise, you might find words hard to come by due to your rusty writing muscles.

Read the prompts

You should read and scrutinize every essay prompt in the essay. It helps to make notes while reading the prompts. You should note down the task words and what type of academic writing the essay is asking you to write in as an essay writer. Make sure that you also narrow down upon the subject matter that you are supposed to discuss.

It is useful for you to jot down your initial responses for the essay as it allows you to know where you stand on the essay topic. 

Start with the shorter essays

When starting to write the essay, start with the smaller or shorter essays, while keeping time. This is important as longer essays tend to take a lot of time and it is best if you quickly do away with the shorter essay, that doesn’t usually take much time. Going the other way around will cause you to miss out on the shorter essay, due to lack of time. 

Note down the essay guidelines 

Each essay question has its own guidelines, you should note down these parameters and try to keep within these parameters. You will find out about the word limit and any special formatting style that you need to adopt for the essay.

Schedule your time

It’s important to schedule your time for each of the essays you are going to write. Make sure that you are left with enough time at the end of the essay to edit and proofread your essay. You should time your essay during the exam, and make sure that you finish your essay a good 15-20 minutes before the time runs out for the editing and proofreading. However, a Paper Writing Service provides students with essays without wasting any time.

Brainstorm using Mind Maps and make an outline

Before diving into attempting your essay and deciding on taking a side on the topic make sure that you brainstorm the essay topic. The brainstorming technique suitable for exams is Mind Mapping. It allows you to jot down your ideas as well as figure out various relationships amongst the essay content. You can also pay for essay to get a good outline written.

Your brainstorming maps will let you know whether you have enough things to back your initial take on the subject or you need to change your stance on the subject. 

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