A bunch of random crap my characters do.
by @Echo_6

Tolkalee was standing near the edge of the cliff looking down. His arms crossed as he leaned out just a little bit more.

"You're not thinking of jumping are you?" The raspy voice of Tallon came from behind him. Tolkalee turned to look at him over his shoulder.

"Hm? Oh, no of course not," Tolkalee replied. "No, I'm watching Seth and Lachlan."

"Oh? And what are they doing?" Tallon walked over to stand next to Tolkalee and look down.

Nearly four meters below them was Lachlan and Seth clutching the side of the cliff and the roots of a tree that were sticking out. The thing that stuck out to Tallon was the fact that they both had one arm tied behind their back and they were chained, not tied, together. 

"What are they doing?" Tallon questioned again.

"Lachlan was in a really bad place. And he was about to jump. So, Seth said that he absolutely could. And Seth would do it with him. So he grabbed his chain and chained the both of them together and jumped," Tolkalee explained plainly. 

"Say what?" Tallon looked at Tolkalee for a moment. "You know what never mind."

"Seth, you ever do this again and I will push you off the cliff alone!!!" Lachlan shouted at the man he was attached to.

"You said you wanted to do this!" Seth called back.

"This was not what I had in mind!!!" Lachlan snapped. "You're a crazy man!!"

"You wanted to do this first!" Seth began moving slightly, pulling himself up farther.

"So what's with the hands tied behind their backs?" Tallon asked.

"Oh that was totally an accident," Tolkalee replied. "You see, as they were falling Lachlan panicked and tried to use his rope to keep them from plummeting to their doom. And when they jerked to a halt they started spinning uncontrollably, the rope snapped they lodged into the roots and ended up tangled in the rope."

"And you've just been watching them this whole time?" Tallon chuckled. 

"Pretty much."

<<<>>>                                                <<<.>>>                                                   <<<>>>

Adderson balanced, easily, on the straight bo staff. He was on his toes on one foot balancing over a small pool of water. Like a kung fu master or something like that. It was silent.

That silence however, was short lived, as the loud crashing of something not far from him filled the clearing. He let out a long sigh and let his shoulders drop. He turned to face whatever had crashed through the brush, and found Troy shaking himself off.

"What. Are. You. Doing." Adderson asked, although it was not really asking. Troy looked up at him in surprise.

"Who me? Uh... falling...? From the sky?" Troy tipped his head. He was in his cat dragon form. "What are you doing? Standing there all cool like a ninja or something?"

"I was heightening my senses when you came crashing down," Adderson rolled his eyes. "Why were you falling from the sky?"

"Well, you see, there was this bird-" Troy began.

"Nevermind." Adderson shook his head. "I don't want to know. Go back to whatever you were doing before the bird happened." He attempted to block out Troy's sounds and go back to what he was doing.

It was silent again. And Adderson found it soothing. He let out a contented sigh.

"ADDY LOOK OUT!!!" Troy's panicked voice cut through the silence like a knife. And Adderson grunted in annoyance turning to face Troy again.

"What is it now?" He snapped. Before he could really realise what had happened, He was hit with all of Troy and they both went down into the water with a huge splash. 

The deep burning desire to murder something nearly blew up on Troy as Adderson sat up. "What the hell were you doing?!" Adderson demanded.

"Addy, hey calm down, it was a complete accident," Troy attempted to talk Adderson down while slowly backing away. They were both drenched and dripping. "I didn't mean to hit you a swear. It's just that- Bro you don't understand- Adderson please- Wait, there was a bird!"

Troy took off running as Adderson sprinted after him.

"Quieren. Chail. What are you two doing?" Ovan questioned the two giggling girls as they lay on the ground not far from the pool of water.

A small red star bird landed on one of the branches of the bush. "Poor Adderson doesn't know that Troy was trying to help him" Quieren laughed.

"This little bird was trying to land on Adderson, per Quieren's request. But Troy tried to stop it so that it wouldn't bother Adderson," Chail continued.

Ovan looked up to see Troy try and hide behind Tolkalee and Lachlan. Adderson hot on his heels.

"Are you going to tell Adderson about the bird?" Ovan questioned.

"Oh at some point yeah."

<<<>>>                                                        <<<>>>                                                           <<<>>>

"Hey Polly, What're ya doin'?" Cammie asked, coming into the house.

"Baking," Paltina replied cheerfully. "Seara explained that it is pleasing to bake for others."

"Really? That's sweet a ya. What'd ya decide on makin'?" Cammie glanced around the kitchen.

"You call them... cookies? I believe is the term," Paltina explained.

"Are ya sure?" Cammie questioned looking past Paltina at the oven. "Looks ta me more like yer makin' fire over there."

Paltina spun around to see the oven smoking, and little red flames were licking at the sides. "No!" she squealed jumping around the kitchen to try and put out the fire. Cammie grabbed the bucket of water in the corner of the room and doused the entire oven without a second thought. She then opened the kitchen widows and the rest of the windows to create a breeze. She came back to the kitchen to find Paltina leaned on the counter looking very sadly at a platter of very burned cookies. 

Cammie couldn't help but laugh at the sad state of them. Her laughter seemed to make Paltina shrink into herself a little. Until Cammie snatched up a cookie and took a bite out of it. The young green skinned woman looked up in surprise at Cammie's action.

"These taste just like the ones my mum would make when I was just little girl," Cammie laughed. She stuck the cookie in her mouth and picked up another one before heading towards the door. "Good job Polly."

Paltina started after Cammie for a moment, then smiled.

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"What are we doing here again?" Farven asked Lachlan. The two of them had snuck into the Olphaltian castle. A place where they were currently wanted for destruction of property.

"Because you wanted to know what I do in my free time," Lachlan whispered. He crept along the roof towards the throne room.

"You practice breaking into places?" Farven questioned.

"What? No!" Lachlan shook his head looking disgusted. "I have amazing skills sneaking into places."

Farven didn't like the emphasis on the into. He was beginning to get a bad feeling, and it was only solidified when Lachlan jumped off the building in front of a group of guards. 

"Hey look it's that pesky soldier from Kara's army!" He exclaimed.

"Lachlan!" Farven snapped. It was too late. The guards had seen him and his shout had given himself away, so they knew he was there now.

"I'll make this simple this time. I run, you try to catch me," Lachlan was prancing backwards.

(Cue Benny Hill theme music.)

Guards began pouring out of the different doorways. Several had already made their way up to the roof where Farven was, and he had to bail. He could see out of the corner of his eye Lachlan dodging guards left and right while running towards the gates.

He turned his attention back to what he needed to do, and sped up to a sprint as he ran from guards. Unfortunately the Olphaltian guards were not pushovers. They were elite soldiers and they were trained to track down corner and capture any intruders. That meant him and Lachlan at this moment. Now, that being said Farven and Lachlan were also taught how to evade until they couldn't physically evade any longer. Which made this a challenging escape, but not impossible. 

Farven also understood why Lachlan snuck in now. It wasn't to practice sneaking in. It was to practice escape when found out. 

He was going to strangle Lachlan whether they were caught or not.

He jumped to a different roof, and several guards followed. He jumped to another roof and then dropped down next to Lachlan. Lachlan whooped and sped up. They were running through the streets of the city dodging soldiers and people. Farven leaped over a cart but could hear that at least one guard ran into and knocked it over. 

He could hear someone yelling before he had to dodge a pottery shop. He watched Lachlan run head first into someone and tumble to the ground. Lachlan briefly apologized before jumping up and continuing to run. The person he ran into yelled angrily after him for a moment, then they started chasing as well. 

This chase was starting to get out of control! Farven realized this when he turned a sharp corner and saw half the marketplace after them. What the heck had happened to cause all of them to chase them? 

"How much free time do you get?!" Farven shouted at Lachlan. Without slowing down Lachlan turned to him and shrugged.

"Heck if I know! Why do you ask?" he called back. 

"Who decides to sneak into one of the most fortified places in this land-" Farven dodged a guard. "-Announces their presence-" They both swung a corner and split directions to dodge the entry fountain. "-And runs away from all the guards in the kingdom!?

"I guess I do!" Lachlan shouted. They dodged the last two guards at the gate and sprinted out of the city.

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