Trope Your Cast!

Notes: Still a work in progress.  Relevant tropes which are potential spoilers may be omitted.  Comic-Book Fantasy Casting entries should be interpreted as suggested voice actors.

Central Cast
As A Whole:

Everyone is of Mixed Ancestry.  Also may or may not be a Cast Full of Bi

Action Girl/Lady of War
An Arm and a Leg
/Artificial Limbs (her left leg is prosthetic from the knee down)
Animal Motifs
(clouded leopard; downplayed)
Badass Bisexual
Beauty Is Never Tarnished (aversion)
Book Dumb
Braids of Action/Hairstyle Inertia/Prim And Proper Bun (still almost invariably wears her hair in stubbornly regulation crown braids)
Bruiser with a Soft Center
Cassandra Truth
Chick Magnet
Cold Sniper/Friendly Sniper (will wreck anything with reason to be on the business end of her rifle, but can also be the best friend one could ever hope to have)
Comic-Book Fantasy Casting (Danielle McRae)
Contralto of Danger
Cool Guns
Dented Iron
Disabled Badass
Disease Bleach/Prematurely Grey-Haired (she was 23 when she was discharged from the military, and started graying not long afterwards).
Failure Knight
Foil (to CJ)
Good is Not Nice
Good-Looking Privates
Guilt Complex/Survivor Guilt
Hunter of Monsters (protector type)
I Am Not Pretty
Icy Gray Eyes
Improbable Aiming Skills
Instant Waking Skills
Jerk with a Heart of Gold
Knight in Sour Armor/The Snark Knight
Lady Swears-A-Lot/Sophisticated as Hell
Last-Name Basis
Major Injury Underreaction (moments after losing her leg, she asked her team members to find her something to use as a crutch)
Physical Scars, Psychological Scars
Rugged Scar/Scars Are Forever
Semper Fi
Sentimental Drunk
Sergeant Rock (reconstructed)
Shell-Shocked Veteran
Sole Survivor (backstory detail, not spoiler)
Storyboard Body
Thousand-Yard Stare
Vitriolic Best Buds (with CJ)
Warrior Poet (downplayed)

Badass Beard
/Perma-Stubble (maintains a very close-cropped goatee)
Big Ol' Unibrow (uncategorized; he's a good guy, it's treated as fair game for snark but not much else, and it doesn't even really detract from his looks)
Badass Bisexual
Bi Guys Prefer Strong Men/Chubby Chaser/Has a Type (his achillean inclinations are largely limited to tall, brawny, well-upholstered guys)
Combat Medic/The Medic
Comic-Book Fantasy Casting (Daveed Diggs)
Dark-Skinned Redhead (think Ralph Souffrant)
Foil (to Naomi)
The Gadfly (something of a benevolent troll)
Good-Looking Privates
Hello, Sailor! (played with)
I Will Fight No More Forever (his ultimate goal)
Martial Pacifist
(does not start fights)
Pint-Sized Powerhouse (downplayed, but he's a fairly small man who has stayed military fit)
Sad Clown/Stepford Snarker
Shell-Shocked Veteran
Vitriolic Best Buds (with Naomi)

Ace Custom
(has built a few)
Achey Scars (her broken hand)
Badass Driver/Badass Biker/Improbable Piloting Skills
Comic-Book Fantasy Casting (Stephanie Sheh)
Cunning Linguist (is at least trilingual)
Curious as a Monkey
Drives Like Crazy
Fingore (got her hand broken in the past, and it's still obvious).
Ms. Fixit/Wrench Wench
The Face
What a Piece of Junk (at least one of her Ace Customs is this)

The Baby of the Bunch
(the youngest and most sheltered of the central cast.)
Big Eater 
The Big Guy (second type)
Big Handsome Man (has a big powerbelly and is overall well-upholstered; is also noted to be muscular, well-proportioned, and have pretty eyes and good bone structure)
Cute Giant/Gentle Giant (very tall, very heavily built, sweet-faced, rather naïve, and an absolute darlin')
Fearless Fool (out of his depth, and less fazed by it than he probably should be)
Lovable Jock (ex-tackle, amateur powerlifter, aspiring strongman competitor, and absolute darlin')
Formerly Fat (downplayed; he's still hefty, but is now visibly and decidedly muscular)
Naïve Newcomer (kind of gets himself dragged into it by trying to play hero and getting hurt.)
Stout Strength (a deceptively pudgy-looking strongman-wannabe; described as a "cub" and a "musclechub" by CJ)
Unskilled, but Strong (a physical powerhouse with only the most rudimentary fighting skills)