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Your privacy is important. will always do its best to maintain the security and privacy of your data, in order to ensure that it is you and only you that has access to view, modify, or remove it, unless you explicitly designate otherwise. will never share the contents of any of your notebook pages with anyone other than you, unless you explicitly mark that content as "public" and/or invite others to collaborate on those pages. will never assume ownership of any data you enter, anywhere. All ideas and information relating to stories, characters, locations, etc., are owned by you—the author—and only you.

All notebook pages are private by default.

By default, every page you create on is private by default. Only you will be able to view it, and you will only be able to view it while logged into

You can adjust this setting at any time by clicking the "share" icon (share) to toggle the page between private and public (visible to anyone with the URL). This allows you to share that content with anyone at any time.

If you ever mark that content as private, we will immediately make it private to all eyes except yours—any existing links will immediatly stop working until you mark that content public again. No advertisers, no unnecessary partners, no anything except a good product for planning.

Collaboration with others on

When editing a universe, you are able to invite collaborators by email address. When doing so, your email address is not shared with them. They will receive an invitation by email to collaborate on your universe, which includes the name of that universe.

After someone has accepted an invitation to collaborate on a universe, they will have full access to view and edit every page in that universe. This allows teams to work together in a shared world, but also means every collaborator can see every page within that universe regardless of those pages' privacy settings.

Document analysis is opt-in.

Premium users have the option to have their documents analyzed with a world-class artificial intelligence trained to give insights into that document's structure, word choice, and emotional impact. This analysis is opt-in and no document is ever analyzed without you explicitly requesting an analysis.

This document analysis makes use of IBM Watson's natural language understanding services to parse the document text and extract characters, locations, and other concepts, as well as the relations between those concepts. In order to do this, the document text is shared via IBM Watson's secure API at the time an analysis is requested. You can read IBM's privacy policy here.

Data-driven improvements with analytics.

To better understand our users, how they use the site, and which features are popular or not popular, we also collect analytics on site usage using Google Analytics. You can read Google's privacy policy here.

Secure payment processing with Stripe.

We use the industry-standard Stripe payment processor for processing credit and debit card payments. Therefore, no credit card or related payment information is ever stored on servers or accessible in any way. You can read Stripe's privacy policy here.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me directly by opening an issue on GitHub or messaging me on