Vote for's first community feature!

Worldbuilding is better with a world of diverse experiences and ideas. For the first time, all Premium users have been given a vote to decide what's first community-based feature will be!

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This round of voting has concluded.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the community drive!

Voting is now closed, but will return with a new round of features in the future. You can continue earning additional votes by sharing your referral code for any upcoming feature vote rounds.

The winner of this round is Forums & Chat Rooms! You can expect to see this feature coming in the near future. A notable runner-up is Universe Collaboration, which you can expect to see shortly thereafter. Thanks again, everyone, for voting and helping to make better for everyone!

Happy worldbuilding!

- Andrew, creator

Community Challenges


2 votes

Submit your worlds to themed challenges that will push your creativity to its limits — with prizes!

With topics spanning from most exotic creatures to outstanding unlikely heroes, there will be challenges for everyone.

Universe Collaboration


6 votes

Collaborate and work together with friends and coworkers in your universes — while staying in control.

Let others add their ideas to your universe, or vice versa. Worldbuilding is better with friends.

Forums & Chat Rooms


8 votes

Discuss your worlds and ideas in great detail with other brilliant worldbuilders from all over Earth.

Find a community of like-minded worldbuilders with in-depth discussions on what's important to you.

Expert Q&A Sessions


0 votes

Get any and all of your worldbuilding questions answered by experts on geography, civics, biology, and more.

Whether we're submitting questions to an expert or having someone on for a live interview, there's always more to learn.

You have 0 votes remaining.

Frequently asked questions

  • help_outlineWhen will voting be over?
    Voting will end at noon UTC on June 15, 2017. At that time, the feature with the most votes will "win" and will be included in a feature release shortly after.
  • help_outlineHow can I earn more votes?
    When you sign up for a Premium subscription, you are given one vote to cast however you'd like. Whenever you refer a friend to that signs up for Premium, you'll automatically be given two more feature votes (and an extra one for your friend).
  • help_outlineWhat will happen to the ideas that don't win?
    Based on voting, the other features will be prioritized accordingly. If two features are neck-and-neck, you can expect to see the runner-up make it into a future feature update sooner rather than later, but only the winning feature is guaranteed to be released first after voting.
  • help_outlineWhat if I have a different idea?
    To ensure that every idea has ample time to shine during voting, the options for this vote are closed. However, if you have other feature requests or feedback for, feedback is always much appreciated (and may make it into future voting rounds if voting goes well!).
  • help_outlineHave any other questions?
    I'm always happy to chat! Feel free to send me an email directly at andre[email protected]